Siam's appearance is what seems to be, a broken teevee head in a suit, and has a giant clock behind him.


Name Info Cooldown Damage
Strength (Passive) Every time the user takes damage, it gets 1 plus atk stack. N/A N/A
Ten Ton Punch Left click to use. Punches the foe. none. 500.
ZA SIAMO Summons a stand for 20 seconds, if it hits, it stops the foe for 20 seconds. 5. 100.
Dead man's eye R. Makes a huge red glowing ball around him, then, shots it infront of the user. 10. 600.
Time stop User stops the boss, the boss if left stunned, then, the user hit the foe many times, until' the foe drops dead. Until you lose all your lives. One hit ko.


Siam came from meteor city. He doesn't remember his child hood. All he can remember; is that his family died. He said his mother died giving birth to him, and his dad was killed. He forgot his child hood when he was 19, when he was shot in the brain, but, luckily survived. He joined the Spiders, since they also were from meteor city. He barely can remember anything in general.


Siam is pretty much a child. He acts like one, only likes to fight people who look "cool", and is a complete child.

When he Is mad or, sad, he turns into a edge freak. Spoopy.


Raise HP

Raise ATK

Raise Left click damage


Siam is my first finished oc. Enjoy.

Wanna buy It in? Go ahead!