Shpitz Ballow is a member of the B Squad, Which is in a "Folding" Ranking system, He is currently at the eleventh Fold.


Shpitz is a Tanned male person who has A Hitler Stache, And wears a jersey, And Black Pants, He Wears Brass knuckles which demolish people.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb Jab Combo Do a combo of boxing jabs. Three jabs, Each dealing medium damage. 150 damage per jab 2 seconds
E Lick Wounds You lick your wounds, Healing you by 25% of your health. none 10 seconds
R Block Block all damage for 3 seconds. none 5 seconds
F Tiger Suplex Suplex a foe, Making them fall over and take damage. 500 13 seconds


Increase Jab Damage

Increase Heal percentage

Increase block duration.