Shiny Lion is a OC for the game Devil Beater that will never be bought in.


Shiny Lion seems to wear a gas mask on his face(bad model i know).

He has a pair of purple glowing eyes. He wears a gas tank on his back too. Plus both of his arms have neon purple rings around it.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Mode Shiny Lion's mask is slowly breaking. This causes him to lose health. Shiny Lion has to hit others to regain health. 0 0
Lmb - KA-PUNCH! Shiny Lion swings his arm like a bat. It leaves a poison affect on the enemy for 3 seconds. The punch also heals Shiny Lion. 173 Damage

Poison deals 30 damage.

No Cooldown
E - KA-KICK! Shiny Lion kicks infront of him. The kick leaves a poison affect lasts for 4 seconds. The kick heals Shiny Lion too. 184 Damage

Poison deal 20 damage.

3 Seconds
R - DON'T BREATHE! Shiny Lion put his tank on the floor. The tank releases gas that poisons the enemy lasts for 3 seconds. Heals Shiny Lion too. The gas deals 243 Damage. Poison deals 10 Damage. 8 Seconds
F - CAN'T..BREATHE... Shiny Lion takes off his mask, and dies. But shortly after he dies, the boss explodes. Explosion deals 1,000 Damage. A minute.


  • Increase Health, but at the same time you increase how much damage you take over time.
  • Increase damage for all attacks.
  • Increase how much health you get each attack.


  • Help me, Im locked in a basement, and im being forced to make a edgy DB OC. -Toby
  • Shiny Lion's name is really Leo Szures De La Ixoris.
  • Shiny Lion was meant to be edgy as fuck.


As a child Shiny Lion's name wasn't always Shiny Lion. His real name is Leo Szures De La Ixoris. He was born in a lab. The scientists made him from a tube. But Leo didn't live a normal life as a child. The scientists tested on him. Tortured him, and beat him up. Each day, they would put Leo inside a room, and fill the room with poison gas. For some reason, it didn't kill him. It just hurt him. When he was 8, Leo's face started to burn off, so to prevent this, the scientists made a gas mask for him to wear. The gas mask helped a lot. Two years later, when he was being tested on, the military blew their way into the lab. The scientists ran, but they all died. Leo hid from the military. After the attack was over, no one remained in the lab but Leo. There seemed to be enough food for Leo in the lab, and books for him to study. So for the last 10 years, he spent it on studying. After he was done studying, he made a better gas mask, the gas tank he has on his back, and the rings he has on his arms. But they weren't powerful enough. So he studied some more, and discovered the element known as haze. He infused his weapons with haze, and even put haze into his blood. Now his eyes glow purple. For the next 5 years, he trained he needed a job for his skills. He knew he couldn't stay in the lab for long. So he went out to find a job, and found a man named "Micheal" who offered him a job as a mercenary. Now he is a 25 year old man working as a mercenary.