Shalck is the wielder of monado and uses legendary power of monado's art


Shalck is basically Shulk from Xenoblade but he is better in any way shape or form


Button name what it does damage coooldown
Q Monado's art change. Shalck changes monado's art from normal into Buster/Cyclone/Eater/Purge

Buster: Higher damage and longer range. But at cost of slower attack

Cyclone: AoE attack, but lower shalck's damage

Eater: Adds in lifesteal and bleeding after hit, but lower shalck's damage

Purge:Range attack, same damage as normal

(none) 5 seconds
LMB SLASH Shalck does basic slash with his minado. Normal/Purge:400




1.5 seconds
E AIR SLASH! Shalck jumps and slash upward, dealing medium damage Normal/Purge:450




12 seconds
R Future Vision Shalck foresees enemies attacks, dodges it and counter it. always 500 25 seconds
F Shadow eyes Shalck focus and double his damage for 25 seconds (none) 55 seconds
T Taunt Shalck will say "THIS IS THE MONADO'S POWER" or "I'M REALLY FEELING IT", or even "it's always delicious, But today its amazing." (none) 2 seconds
X BACKSLASH! (50/50/50 exculsive)

Shalck slashes monado downward, deals extra damage if hit in the back.

500 always 1000 if hit in the back 10 seconds.
Y Shalck Combo(Exculsive move) [p.s most likely not gonna be a feature cause drager doesn't really make exculsive moves but whateve putting it here anyways.] Shalck release all his energy and slash 5 times then stab enemies, destroys universe while breaking the entire world.

[Not overpowered, since knockback exist and attack range is small, doesn't work with cyclone]

6000 if all hit

1000 per hit

5 minutes

(300 seconds)

G Item:Sandwich Shalck grab a sandwich inside his pocket and eat it for health regen, after eating sandwich he will say "This is great" or "It tastes so good" Heals by 50 25 seconds


Increase shalck's health
Finds more sandwich (reduce cooldown on G [item:sandwich])
Increase shalck's speed



  1. Caci Amigo

Caci always challenge shalck into a battle,And always ended up with a tie.


End me.

Shalck was a mystery adventurer who walked into a rocky arena. He start training all by himself and then he climb up a Mountain, after he got up there he saw a cave and walk into the cave all by himself and a wooden sword. As he walking deep into the cave. he saw a cyan, growing light with the monado on a altar, he picked up the monado and started his adventure.

As Shalck continue on his adventure. He got lost in a forest, walking in the night and he started to think about going back to the mountain. A strange person attacked Shalck. At that moment Shalck awoke first power of him... Future Vision, with that power he can foresees the future and counter the enemy attack. the strange person retreat and vanished in the forest leaving Shalck alone.

Shalck keep walking in the forest and sees a "Outcast" as they camping in the forest. Shalck walks up and be like "I'M REALLY FEELING IT" and join the outcast.

Part 2:

(Story before shalck gets to mountain)

Shalck walks into a desert of entirely filled with cactus, but he can sense something moving in the pile of cactus. Then Caci jumps up, only thing in Shalck's mind at that moment is destroying Caci to save his humanity before he get push into 500 cactus and dies. Then Shalck attack Caci with wooden sword (Which is something that you will use if shalck is at 0/0/0) and luckily didn't destroy that living cactus.

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