"Those who would give up their freedom, to live just a little longer, deserve neither their freedom nor the right to live."

Shadow Type Vantas Acantar (S. Vantas for short) is an OC created by the user UncreativeName123.


S. Vantas looks nearly identical to the original Vantas Acantar, only with her helmet removed revealing golden eyes and long pink hair as well as black skin.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
(LMB) Assault Subroutine S. Vantas performs a quick three hit combo, the first two bring normal punches that deal medium damage and the last being an uppercut that deals high damage and sends enemies hit into the air. Costs 10% of her max HP. First 2 Hits Base = 100 (Last Hit Base = 300) 5 seconds
(RMB) Disable Limiters S. Vantas disables a set of her limiters, multiplying the damage of her next move by 2 in exchange for 20% of her max HP. This move can be stacked up to 3 times. N/A 3 seconds between each use
(E) Dive Kick Jumps up and dive kicks with towards the mouse location onto the ground creating a large shockwave dealing high damage to enemies hit. Enemies hit by the shockwave take medium damage and are dragged towards the center of the shockwave. Costs 15% of her max HP. Kick Base = 1200 (Shockwave Base = 600) 10 seconds
(R) Cruelty Fist Holding R makes S. Vantas pull her fist back to charge for a dashing punch. When R is released. S. Vantas will dash a medium distance forward and punch, stunning enemies hit for 2 seconds dealing damage based on how long R was held. Costs 25% of her max HP. Base = 2500 (Max Charge Base = 5000) 25 seconds
(F) Shadow Frenzy S. Vantas engulfs herself in dark energy for 10 seconds, cutting the HP cost for her other moves by half as well as increasing the rate of recovery from X. She also receives no cooldowns on her moves. N/A 65 seconds
(X) AutoMatic Repair Subroutine S. Vantas becomes stationary to begin repairs on herself slowly recovering HP. Can press X again to cancel. N/A 15 seconds after deactivation