Seoj Gautalino is an oc for devil beater


Seoj has a north korean hoodie with brown jeans. He also wears a musketeer hat and wizard kid's glasses, along side with a stare face.


Key Official Description DMG CLD
LMB Shoot alot of of navy blue spheres from your shotgun.

(5 spheres per shot,shape of a X)



E Go in a sniper-like mode,you now have a scope thing. Aim with it to hit the enemy. 210





(after shot)

R Shoot a stunning bolt which stuns the enemy for 3 seconds. 250


19s (after shot)
F Switch your shotgun to a flag of some countries for a specific amount of time.

The order of flags is weakest to strongest.

USA Flag

Guam Flag

Japan Flag

South Korea Flag

Chinese Flag

North Korean Flag






(Japan Flag)


(South Korea Flag)


(Chinese Flag)


(North Korean Flag)


(After melee weapon disappears)

G Form a red star above you, via mouse direct point at any direction you want. After the star lands it explodes via contact with the ground. 135





(after star hit)


  • Increase health drastically
  • Decrease cooldowns slightly
  • Increase damage by a medium amount


Seoj is a proud man and accomplishing his goals for the reason of himself. Yet he gets angry when someone mentions the leader of North Korea, and then he goes bombastic about it.


Seoj was born on north korea in Kilchu. He was raised in a poor family in NK. When he was growing up he was gonna plan an escape with his family from north korea. He successfully escaped out of it. But he ended up in china, he adapted to the environment rapidly. Then he went to myanmar and almost got arrested, yet he fled from the myanmar police. After fleeing from the myan police, he fled to Bangladesh and then to India. He went to the bay of bengal on a boat. His diet from now was fish thanks to his cooking skills. Then seoj landed on Indonesia thanks to the tides, even though his family is now living in thailand, he kept going on. Weeks later hes running out of food, he needed to go somewhere fertil under 2 weeks before he dies of starvation. He ran to the island of Jakarta to go to the java sea. Hours go on and he lands on one small island, it had food and supplies for him to keep living on. At the same time his family living in thailand was having a great time. Over time he now is building a advanced boat just to go to an island with an airport. He accidently left out of indonesia an landed on new zealand after a storm mid way. He got to the airport of new zealand on south island and fled to london via airport. After that he works on a business which one of his now new friends work on, at the same time supporting his family in thailand and helping them move to london. After that hard work he was going to south korea to help take down the regime asap.


  • He was inspired by a video about escaping north korea

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