Mack Tonight is an OC for devil boy


Mack Tonight has a crescent moon shape head, alongside sleek star shades. He also has the Aether Suit.

Moonman has a full moon head, with an open mouth. He also dons Xor's suit.


Ability Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Every second, a small moon is summoned and orbits Mack Tonight, constantly firing projectiles at the nearest enemy. Cap of 6 Moons. 100x6 1 second

0.5 seconds for projectiles

Q Change your forms into either Moonman or Mack Tonight.
LMB Mack Tonight fires one of the moons orbiting him at the enemy. If it hits an enemy or the ground, it will explode in a small explosion, dealing low knockback. 200 (Explosion)

400 (Direct Hit)

0.5 seconds
E Combine all your current moons into a single bigger moon, firing bigger projectiles for bigger damage based on the moons its made of. Can be used to summon multiple big moons. 150 default, +50 damage per moon 10 seconds.

1 second per projectile.

R Summons a large moon infront of you, as it pulls all nearby enemies into it. After that, it explodes, knocking the enemies back a great distance alongside great damage. 1000 15 seconds
F Mack Tonight throws his head into the sky, as it grows in size massively. After that, it fires a laser at the Enemy before crashing into it for massive damage and knockback. After that, he will be unable to attack for 5 seconds. After that, he gets his moon back. 500 (laser)

1500 (explosion)

30 seconds

Moonman Moveset:

Ability Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Each time Moonman uses an Ability, he will gain a slight stat buff based on its efficiency. This means, if he uses his LMB, his health will go from 400 to 400.05, and he will always deal an extra +0.5 damage whenever he is meant to deal damage. Stacks do not carry on to Mack Tonight.
Q Swap to Mack Tonight.
LMB Punch the Enemy for low damage. +0.5 in all stats. 100 0.5 seconds
E Kick the Enemy in the head, disabling its ability to attack temporarily. +2 in all stats. 200 3 seconds
R Extend your Arm to pull the nearest Enemy towards you, before slamming them into the ground multiple times. Stuns. +5 in all stats. 100x5 8 seconds
F Moonman slams his fist into to the ground, inflicting low damage but stunning the enemy for a long time. +20 in all stats. 100 15 seconds


Increase how many Moons Mack Tonight can have orbiting around him at the same time. (+1 every 5 upgrades)
Increase how much Moonman is buffed with each buff. (+half of the current ammount every 2 upgrades)
Increases all stats slightly. (+x0.10 of the original stat every upgrade)

50/50/50 BONUS: Mack Tonight will always have Big Moons with his Passive, but since his E will be useless then, it is replaced:

Mack Tonights Moons will crash into the Ground, letting out a small wave dealing small damage and knockback.

10 dmg, 3 second cooldown.

Moonman will get an extra ability, his T:

Moonman punches himself in the face and dies


Mack Tonight and Moonman always begin his sentences a little bit like this





Robo Boy[1]: They know eachover.


  • Mack Tonight is based off of a REALLY OLD JOKE between Ena_Sotelo and iiDiablu. It was where Mack Nyte's name was made fun of, and changed to Mack Tonight.
  • Originally, Mack Tonight had a much, much more "original" moveset. It was later changed due to it being very "original".

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