Saxalsa is a member of the (currently waiting). And hes wierd too woah.


Saxsalsa is EXTREMELY Bipolar, making his personality extremely varied upon timescales.


Hes REALLY fucking small. You cant really see him much because of the book.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
PASSIVE (PASSIVE) You have a bar of Sanity, The lower this gets, the more damage you do yet you take more damage, and begin to see shit. Sanity bar is 250. Only way to regenerate is to stand still without attacking for 5 seconds, then you gain 5 every 0.7 seconds. (PASSIVE) (PASSIVE)
LMB Eldritch Horrors Summon stuff out of lovecraftian horrors, which then attack your foe. You lose 10 sanity from this attack. 75 3 seconds
E Tentacular Summon tentacles from the ground, attacking things nearby it for 30 seconds. You lose 25 sanity from this attack. 87 35 seconds
R H.P Lovecraft Throw your book the size of your entire body, which then explodes into the horrors of the unknown. you lose 54 sanity. 153 10 seconds
F IM LOSING IT SCOOBS Can only use if you have 25% of your sanity left. Absolutely fucking lose it, Summoning hallucinations that hurt you, but you gain an INSANE buff to damage and speed. after 30 seconds, the effect wears off though. 125% buff 3 minutes


Increase buff even higher

Become smaller.

Become smaller AGAIN.


Okay so some nibba found a necronomicon so now they got eldritch powers, But then they realise "OH SHIT IM LOSING MY MIND FROM THIS BOOK", so he had to carry it around without using it AT ALL, or else he would lose it. However, the necronomicon Had began forcefully summoning the horrors. Which forced him to use it until he lost it. Because of this he had realised he was no longer safe, and had to either use or die basically.

Meeting (obligatory gang name here), he had teamed up with them as to (do something that HELPS them).

yeah i ran out of ideas its 2 in the morning okay