Satellario Stardust is an oc, created by the user UltorisTenebrae.


Normal Form: Satellario is a young boy with white hair, black framed glasses, and his signature scarf. He wears a purple hoodie.

Galaxy Form: Satellario dons his similar hair, glasses, and scarf, but he wears an armored coat.


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Starslash "Slashes his sword for high damage, adds a stack up to 10, it causes your LMB base damage to increase and makes your other moves more efficient the higher the stacks are. Stacks reset after using e, r, or f." 150 +5 damage per stack 0.5 Seconds
E Nebulae "Spawns a nebula on the ground spawning stars that heal you, the nebula remains there for 10 seconds." 50 heal +5 heal per stack 5 Seconds after the nebula despawns
R Revolving Asteroids "Satellario cannot use RMB while this is active, Satellario will spawn 6 asteroids above his head, they will fire in repeating succession at mouse direction. The one on top fires first, then they rotate." 100 per asteroid +3 damage per stack 3 Seconds after firing
F Molecular Prime "Release a wave, all enemies touched gets primed, making their atomic structure unstable." Buffs damage 75% +2% buff oer stack 10 Seconds
X Supernova "Create a widely spreading pulse of white light from your body that does high damage. It spawns a blackhole, dealing small damage but stuns and sucks in foes." 2000 +25 per stack

+ 50 DoT/millisecond for 8 seconds (Blackhole)

30 Seconds
Passive Zero Gravity "Jump higher, and fall slower." N/A N/A


-Increase Satellario's maximum health.

-Increase Satellario's movement speed.

-Increase efficiency of Satellario's buffs.


Satellario is mute, he often is found alone, he enjoys company, but can't stay around people due to being shy.




  • Made a long time ago.
  • All his attacks are as close as they can be to being scientifically accurate about space, but still cool.
  • His last name is a Jojo reference.