Some weeb made a human Sans.


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Boned. "Throw a bone with DoT." 1 for 100 seconds. 0.5 Seconds
E Slam "Slam enemies into the walls eith psychokinesis." 1 for 100 seconds 1 Second
R Gustur Blustur "Pew pew." 1 for 100 seconds 8 Seconds
F Get dunked on! "This nigga slams you everywhere and blasts you." 5000 (1000 every second after for 5 seconds) 20 Seconds
Passive Karmic Retribution "All attacks are DoT, ignoring invincibility frames." N/A. N/A




-A bad time?


Lazy fatass.




  • Ironally made out of the hatred for the cringy new DB players who are Undercancer.
  • Jimmy Yeino touched the page cause hes racist to undertale,fnaf,etc. Yet tho he literally hates the fans for ruining it for him,so he went on a gassing rampage.Now heres a picture of him angerily,and its a jojo ref so look at your own risk.
  • kek
  • you think some cringy oc can get out of my line sight and escape from the fucking reverse machine - The_Gentlemaniac

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