Sangiuem has the Autumn Leafy Hair, Autumn shades, and wears the Strom suit.


Key Description Damage Cooldown

Sangiuem throws a leaf that orbits around her. Explodes when you press X (15/15/15) does 5 damage on contact.

(5 0/0/0)

(25 15/15/15)

(45 50/50/50)

(60 75/75/75)

4 seconds
E Sangiuem slows down, a line of leaves appears in front of her. Then, they all scatter, each hitting for 200.

(200 0/0/0)

(250 15/15/15)

(350 50/50/50)

(500 75/75/75)

(speed lowers to 5 0/0/0) (speed lowers to 15 15/15/15) (speed lowers to 20 50/50/50) (speed stays at 25 75/75/75)

40 seconds
R Sangiuem summons a shield that heals players and blocks projectiles. (heals 10 every five seconds 0/0/0) (25 15/15/15) (50 50/50/50) (70 75/75/75)

2 minutes

lasts for 30 seconds

F Plant a maple seed down. The tree will start growing until it stops on a mature size. Acting like a turret, fires a total of 28 razor maple leaves onto the enemy. It also drops down green maple leaves, which gives the player a temporary damage buff. A total of 4 green leaves can be dropped per tree.

(560, 20 each leaf 0/0/0)

(840, 30 each leaf 15/15/15)

(1260, 45 each leaf 50/50/50)


2 minutes

​Upgraded Only Moves

Key Desc Damage cooldown
G (50/50/50)

Pull your shades off, revealing more, stunning the boss for two seconds. Plays the X-files theme loudly.

Damages your ears

666 seconds baby

(actually 30 seconds)

X (15/15/15) Explode all the leaves you have. Each leaf hits for 100. 100 No cooldown
T (1/1/1) Random quote from Leafyishere. nothing you nerd no cooldown boy


- Increase healing from R

- Increase damage

- Decrease speed taken up from E

who gets Sangiuem for free (Blacklist possibly removed now? idk, anyone on it was added to 0/0/0 list I guess)


  • She has gone through several redesigns.
  • Fun fact (not that fun): The appearance was actually made by kaiden10043, with the approval of BackflipZoura.
  • The image was made by Tsuranootaaaaaaaa (that one rando that made the better version of hops se- i mean discord server).


Dante Duck- Dante and Sangiuem are good friends. Sangiuem usually gets annoyed by dante's ducks.

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