One of my first boyos redone. The original version can be seen on Vintage Samson


Samson is an adolescent male of (AGE UNKNOWN) who wears a paper bag, a necklace and has horns(?). he dons the suit of Helios and uses ropes as his weapons.


A strange man who mysteriously came to life. Nobody knew him and nobody knew where he came from. All anyone knows of him is that he wears a strange paper bag and that he has a best friend named Kaiden Domingo. Other then that he is a very secretive man who never takes the bag off and no one has ever saw him without it. People tried to remove it but they were seen hanging off of the ceiling off of their legs by a rope.


pre-fight theme

Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Left-Click (Straight Shooter.) Samson will shoot a rope straight out of his hand foward. You can use this 3 times in a row before having to recharge. Each time an enemy gets attached to his lmb ropes he gains a hangman's counter. 450 0.5/ 5.0 Seconds
Q (Only just you and me.) Samson readies himself for a counter. If he gets hit during this move he counters the enemy dealing damage and knockback. All currently attached ropes break. The more hangman counters he has the stronger the knockback is. 300 10 Seconds

(Requires 1 hangman's counter.)

E (X marks the spot.) Samson leaves a mark on the ground. When an enemy steps on the mark the enemy gets caught by a rope. The more hangman counters he has the longer this lasts. He doesnt use any hangman's counters for this move. You gain 1 hangman's counter from this move. 300 10 Seconds (after ropes go away)
R (Come here sweetheart.) Samson shoots a rope where if it hits a wall he grapples towards it. If he hits an enemy he will instead grapple towards it and then kick the enemy away. 500 8 Seconds

(Requires 2 hangman's counters.)

F (To the gallows.) You create a noose which you can catch your opponents with it. you drain hp over time. The farther you are from him the more damage he does. If you press f again you tie the noose to a brick and throw it in the air. The brick stays in air for 5 seconds and stops the opponent. Also deals high damage on the second f press. The more hangman counter's he has the longer this lasts. 20(base drain)

800 (second f press)

30 seconds

(Requires 5 hangman's counters)

X (this friggin game makes me wanna die.) DB OCS (Samson hangs himself. sets his max and current health to 0) way too much once a life time (50/50/50)
C (Banish.) Samson fires all of his ropes. The first thing it hit it attaches to. This removes all of his hangman's counters (DOES NOT INCLUDE TEAMMATES AND THE F ROPE DOES NOT COUNT) 1 20 seconds
Z (A delicious and nutritious snack.) Samson takes out and eats a human part. Don't worry its around the medium rare spectrum. He gains some health and a hangman's counter. Heals 75. 5 seconds after the animation.
G (Last trick up my sleeve.) Samson throws a detached rope from his hand. This can be used to drag enemies away from you. The more hangman's counters you have, the bigger the hitbox this move has. This move costs no hangman's counters. 300 5 Seconds (50/50/50)


  • Increase health and damage
  • Increase potency of hangman counters.
  • Increase rope power. (trap time and amount of ropes shot)

Hangman Counters :

What hangman counters do is that the more of them you have the faster become. You can only gain them through enemies being attached to you. You lose them once the enemy breaks free. They also add to certain moves. You have a limit of 5 but you can can increase the limit with the hangman's counters upgrade.


Samson is a strange unstable man who can shift his tone instantly. Probably because his personality can change from being a slow talking gentleman to a hot headed loud, rude, and crude dude. Due to this changing personality not many people want to go near him. Talking to him can be very hard too due to his changing personality. He is a cannibal and he treats it very lightly. He gets confused why people get shocked from this fact. Though he may be a cannibal he doesn't eat people all the time. He gets mad when people think he's a savage. I mean come on, just because you are a cannibal doesn't mean you are always a savage. He is a cook and enjoys fine dining.

he is also somewhat suicidal


Kaiden Domingo: His partner in crime.

Chef Excellence : Unknown allies.


  • He used to be called Samson Hamon and Samson Carmino
  • He also used to use hamon and metal balls (thus the name Samson Hamon)
  • He had a lot of character remakes
  • This Samson was the old Samson page then gent started to add new things so he decided to make a new page for the old Samson.