samson is in devil beater! lvl 95 and 80k go buy him!

Samson Iscariot is a Character made by The_Gentlemaniac.

Samson Iscariot is now a Official character for Devil Beater


Samson is an adolescent male of (AGE UNKNOWN) who wears a paper bag, a necklace and has horns(?). he dons the suit of Helios and uses ropes as his weapons.


Though no one has even bothered to ask where Samson came from, the question still lingers in their head when they think about. It stays like a tick finding a person to feed on. When they ask Samson where they came from he usually get a blunt answer that seems no different from any other normal human being. Though it is far from that. Many of his old friends answered differently. One said that he was a normal person until something terrible happened that drove him to insanity to wear that paper bag on his head. Another person joked that he wasn't even from this dimension and he came from another dimension. He came from another realm looking for some trouble and a nice place to stay. One person even said he was a man who died coming back to life insane, maybe looking to avenge himself. Though all of these have been proven false it is still fun to think about. The only person to know where he came from might only be Kaiden Domingo.


...I'll eat your flesh.

pre-fight theme

Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Left-Click (Straight Shooter.) Samson will shoot a rope straight out of his hand foward. You can use this 3 times in a row before having to recharge 450 0.5/ 5.0 Seconds
E (X marks the spot.) Samson leaves a mark on the ground. When an enemy steps on the mark the enemy gets caught by 8 ropes for 7 seconds 300 10 Seconds (after ropes go away)
R (Come here sweetheart.) Samson shoots a rope where if it hits a wall he grapples towards it. If he hits an enemy he will instead grapple towards it and then kick the enemy away. 500 8 Seconds
F (To the gallows.) You create a noose which you can catch your opponents with it. you drain hp over time. The farther you are from him the more damage he does. If you press f again you tie the noose to a brick and throw it in the air. The brick stays in air for 5 seconds and stops the opponent. Also deals high damage on the second f press. Maximum drain time is 20 seconds 20(base drain)

800 (second f press)

30 seconds
X (this friggin game makes me wanna die.) DB OCS (Samson hangs himself. sets his max and current health to 0) way too much once a life time (50/50/50)
G (Last trick up my sleeve.) Samson pulls out a pipegun and shoots the enemy. Deals more damage when you have less health you have. 500 base 15 Seconds (50/50/50)


  • Increase health and damage
  • Increase health and damage....again
  • Increase rope power. (trap time and amount of ropes shot)


Samson is well, a maniac. He is seen as a bit unstable. So unstable that the sound of his voice keeps changing making him have no set voice. Though unstable Samson is still a gentleman at times switching between those 2. His signs of his slight insanity make him very hard to be near. He is only seen working with Kaiden as his right hand man. He is also very blunt and gets mad at people if they don't get what he is saying. he is also somewhat suicidal


Kaiden Domingo: His partner in crime.

Chef Excellence : Unknown allies.


  • He used to be called Samson Hamon and Samson Carmino
  • He also used to use hamon and metal balls (thus the name Samson Hamon)
  • He had a lot of character remakes
  • He is also a cannibal? (mmmm legs)
  • People like to joke around and say that Samson is into bondage. (TMI dood, also i wonder if he actually is into bondage tho - filthy_sinner)

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