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*This is a N-force OC for the game DB*

Saint Nolver

Saint Nolver is a noob that uses his golden coin and his insane luck as his powers by channeling it with neuling. He doesn't have good damage, OK health and good speed but overtime, all those stats will reach god like state with his luck.


Saint Nolver has the appearance of a noob with Saint Patrick Day top hat and shades.


Nolver is a cheerful but careless person. The only thing he really cares about is his money, always winning and the N-force. Nolver is also German, loves to store all of his money in a magical caldron and likes to play games that are based on luck. Nolver spends most of his time at casinos or at the bank.



Like its a lot.

A hole lot...

A poop deck of words and sentences.

There are more words than your final test.

Ok maybe not that much.

But it's still a lot...

I would get your reading glasses.

Like you should.

If you don't have any, get some now.

It's the time.

Like finally.


I'm sorry, just read it. :P

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb Coin Flick Nolver flick a coin at your your aiming, moves in a fast speed and never stops going forward. 30 1
e Lucky Four Leaf Clover Nolver picks up a four leaf clover from the ground and it boosts one of his stats, damage, health or health from r. Upgrades the stat 5 more. If Nolver get the speed upgrade then it upgrades his speed by 0.5 0

Upgrades damage, health or health from r by 5. If you get the speed upgrade, upgrades that by 0.5.


r Across The Rainbow Nolver summons a rainbow from where he is standing and the rainbow pulls him to either to spawn or to the enemy. If it goes to the enemy, it deals 100 damage. If it goes to spawn it heals Nolver 34 hp. 100 if damage enemy

Heal 34 health if you go back to spawn


f The Pot Of Gold And Randomness Nolver pulls out his giant cauldron filled with gold and it chooses between four moves. Nolver can pick up the super coin which he throws at the enemy for 500 damage. Nolver can make it rain money which summons a green cloud above him, raining coins which each hit the enemy for 100 damage and the cloud stays up for 10 seconds. Molver swims in his cauldron filled with gold and when he gets out gets a temporal massive stat boost for 10 seconds. Nolver shoots out a piercing rainbow lazer from the front of him, it deals 50 for every second the enemy is in the laser, Nolver also can’t move while in this state and has to aim the laser at the enemy and lasts for 10 seconds. 500 damage if you get super coin

100 damage per hit of coin from cloud, stays up for 10 seconds

0 damage

Buffs Nolver damage, health, speed and health from r by 69, lasts 10 seconds

50 damage per second enemy is in laser, you can’t move, you have to aim the laser and lasts for 10 seconds


b "Ohh, money!" Nolver says this


0 damage

It’s a taunt -_-

h Losing D: Nolver loses, explodes and he also screams this


4,444,444 damage to yourself 4
q Rolling life

(15/15/15 upgrade move)

Nolver rolls a 6 sided dice. depending on the number it lands on, it can heal Nolver for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 health. Heal 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 health 24
g Jack Of Cards

(30/30/30 upgrade move)

Nolver shoots out cards in every direction. (Similar to Etaleo r) Depending on the card, each card can deal 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 ,60, 70, 80 , 90 or 100 damage. 10, 20, 30 ,40 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 damage. 7
c Aerial Strike

(50/50/50 upgrade move)

Nolver takes out his phone and buys an aerial strike. The aerial strike goes through a strate line from where Nolver is facing and the plane drops bombs in that direction for 10 seconds dealing 500 damage per explosion. 500 69
z Fake Lottery Ticket Prank

(Exclusive move :U)

Nolver gives the a enemy a lottery ticket that when scratched out will always result in a win because its a fake lottery ticket. When the enemy scratches it out, the enemy will dance for 10 seconds celebrating about winning the lottery ticket. This causes the enemy unable to move and do any attacks. 0

10 second stun.



Increase damage (Increase by 1 per upgrade)

Increase health (Increase by 1 per upgrade)

Increase how much e upgrades a stat (Increase by 1 and 0.5 for speed upgrade per 2 upgrades)


Nolver was known to be one of the most luckiest people on earth. Always winning bets and lotteries it look like nothing bad could happen to him. But one day Nolver decided to really test his luck and bet all of his money. But even the king of luck, Nolver over his greed and luck lost the bet and lost all of his money. Nolver has never lost anything before. Broke and sad Nolver went outside very sad. While he was walking to his house, a man in a van approached him. He greets himself and said his name is Mr. Wise. Mr. Wise then said, “Hello Nolver. I know you are broke now because you bet all of your money because you have insane luck. I like to offer you to join me in my adventures.” Nolver had no other choice because he has no money so he joined Mr. Wise. Mr. WIse then explain how he is going to train him to be a strong warrior. Nolver agreed and he and Mr. Wise started to train.

One month later, Mr. Wise says that their training is done. But then Mr. Wise said, “I want you to pick up that golden coin.” Without hesitation, Nolver heads to the coin and picks it up. Nolver is then experience a giant pain inside of him. Nolver slowly turns into a noob and notice as he recovers from the pain extremely fast, as if you got lucky. Nolver then also notice that he got powers from the coin and the powers came from his insane luck. Mr. Wise explained now that coin is a powerful weapon that can only be used by those with extreme luck. Nolver now with his new powers, serves and helps the N-force.


  • Zachary Fidgetto Nubspinnero keeps on asking Saint Nolver for money for fidget spinners and Zach is good friends with Nolver
  • Pirato keeps on asking Nolver or "booty" (Gold in pirate language) for his treasure collection and Pirato is good friends with Nolver
  • Nolver doesn't know how to use the hula hoop so he asks Noobclowndumb for lessons and Clown is also good friends with Nolver


  • Saint Nolver at first was not going to have the neuling element, was not going to be part of the N-force, was not going to look like a noob, was going to have a suit and was going to be called Molver
  • Nolver f ability, the super coin used to be a giant dice with a RNG part but it was changed into his q ability and into a healing ability
  • Nolver is based on the holiday, Saint Patrick's Day shown by his outfit, Saint Patrick themed moves and being lucky and greedy
  • Nolver is the first character (That I've see) use RNG as a main feature of Nolver, not as a 1% nuke (E.X. Page, Ten Year Meme Dreamer and more)
  • Nolver b and h ability are taunts that play a voice line from a game called TF2 (Team Fortress 2) and the class/character, the Medic who is German (That explains why Saint Nolver is German)