Sailor Sam is a bad drawing made by the user SamNITO

Credits to Filthy_Sinner for the moveset

Credits to superrumble4 for the character idea


Sailor Sam is a badly-made drawing, that with enough love and care became sentient. Sailor Sam has level 2 autism.

Moveset (WIP by Filthy_Sinner)

Attack Description DMG CLD
LMB Swings your moon rod for low damage. Also fires a slow moving projectile that does significantly higher damage. 50 rod

200 orb

E Performs some dumb wink thing, sending a shotgun blast of small, fast-moving stars in the direction you're facing. Stars can heal allies for a small amount of HP and pierce 50% of an enemy's armor. 60 x6

10 heal

R Creates a large lunar blast around you that lasts for 2 seconds, dealing high damage and knocking back enemies. Also functions like a barrier. 350 +

40 LS

F Literally creates a moon-like object above you that homes in on the enemy closest to you. After 5 seconds, it explodes violently, sending many projectiles of various speeds and sizes in all directions. Insane damage. 500


25 per frag

Passive Depression: Your movement speed has a 10% chance to be temporarily halved upon being hit, because you feel like shit when you fail to dodge something. Eck dee. no lol aaa

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