note: this is some sort of a vent but hey doing random shit makes me feel well : ) -kiri

"S" is free character that the creator doesn't give a single fuck about. She is based off of the creator herself.


S is a human being (like whoever's reading this unless you're like hoxo who's a literal fucking dumpster mixed with the smell of cat litter and dog food having sex then idk) who wears a hoodie with normal jeans and Converse sneakers. Her bangs are infront of her face with the back of her hair being parted in opposite directions while being curved up,along with some of her hair in the front out to her chest. Aside from hair and clothes,her face shows that she's tired (of people's bullshit lol.) Her body shows a laid-back feeling as almost if she was resting.

Moveset (wow)

Upon pressing Q,you are given a motivation and an emotion gauge. The goal is to keep the emotion gauge as high as possible. The motivation gauge is acted like energy. Each of her moves cost motivation and it raises the emotion gauge. If her emotion gauge hits zero,it results in S automatically grabbing a knife and slitting her wrist (edgy),resulting in dying slowly.

Key Name Description Cooldown
LMB "I am the literal definition of a cunt and you cannot beat me" S spins three times. Each spin costing her 5 motivation and increasing her emotion by 24. 5.8 seconds
E "40% stupidity, 20% anger,20% jealousy,19% edgy and 1% intelligence. That's me." S gives her own motivation (wtf) to a random ally near her. It costs 22 motivation and increases her emotion by 34. 5.6 seconds
R "FUCKING BEATING THE SHIT OUT IT'S DIRT." S says something stupid. Boosting everyone's damage (do i even) by 2%. This increases her emotion by 5 and costs 10 motivation. 7.4 seconds
F "From a shitfuckery to you." S draws a small doodle as a request. Anyone around her is granted a speed and health boost. This costs 43 motivation and raises her emotion by 47. 14.2 seconds
T "Boost my shitty imagination." S grabs a pair of earbuds from her pocket and listens to music. This raises her emotion gauge by 33 and costs no motivation. 6.3 seconds
Z "My lord and savior,but he's not yours." S sits down and types an entire essay of how great Ichirou is (wow what a faggot.) This costs 9 motivation and increases her emotion by 62. 9.6 seconds

no upgrades because fuck you


S usually looks like the calm type of person who would always understand you until you say something she doesn't like. She'll try to act nice but most of the time S will be seen in her tired and grumpy mood. She always wants to seem nice by doing the work for people and giving people she respects small gifts,although it never turns out to go the way she would want it to go. Which is why S is always quiet,although despite her quiet personality,she loves to pick fights with people that have tried to or had insulted her.

But sadly she's really just a selfish prick who just wants attention from everyone to feel loved and belonged.


Akatisiyira Mwedzi

Akati is one of her "Naosims." S loves to draw her and might sometimes even talk about her.


>S is a literal self-insert although her creator does not wish for her to be in the actual game.

>Again,this is based on her creator in real life. Her moveset resembles her daily routine. Her personality resembles how she acts. Her relationships resembles the characters she draws/uses.

>Again x2,this was somewhat of a vent because i dont even know i aparrently make shitty fanon characters when im angry or sad

>the letter is the first letter of her first name irl wow so suprising!! :')