An OC created by XDragonicslayerX (The autist) and will most likely not be bought in because he is poor. (Donate robux pls k thx bye)


Wears a black suit with dragon-like decorations.

Wears snake eyes. Has Blue scene hair.Wears an Eternal Top Hat.

Has a face like he doesn't bother.

Wields 2 swords embedded with the dragon's fury


Moves Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Ocean Splitter Slashes like a dragon splitting an ocean. 300 2 seconds
E Volcanic Pierce Pierces in front for high damage. 350 5 seconds
R Flaming Throw Throws a second sword where you are facing. (It's so fast it's on fire) 200 10 seconds
F Dual Wield Takes another blade from his back to enter dual wield mode Multiplies damage for everything except for R 2 minutes (Dual wield mode lasts for 1 minute)
T Taunt Taunt's the opponent. Says "RYUU GA WAGA TEKI WO KURAU!" 1 second until taunt is over
G (50/50/50 Exclusive) Dragon's Eye Focuses all your energy into 1 spot, after focusing, unleashes a deadly strike of a dragon. 1000 Damage 10 minutes


-Increases HP

-Increases Damage

-Increase Damage Even More


He's edgy.

Backstory (Non canon)

Dragonus used to live in the slums until he came across 2 swords in the trash.

He trained and trained with those swords hoping to have a better future with his swordsmanship.

He came across a dragon and made a contract with it. There, he was baptized with the dragons blood.

Now he is on an adventure to seek out his purpose. To kill Akuma, who ruined his life.