Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB b-ball. get ballin



E a become god for a few seconds (4) none, its a shield you frig 8
R angery get madd. you gain a permanent damage and health boost +8 damage

+8 health

F millionth fold half your health. you ball but on fire. deals crippling amounts of damage. also makes the enemy a cripple if hit 8888 + 88 life steal 18
Q Arm remover remove everyone's arms alot. math.huge (50/50/50)
PASSIVE oh fuck im gonna chuck if you get hit there is a 88 percent chance that you will live and you just get knock around really really far. also you keep bouncing cause you are a fucking b-ball its a passive you tard its a passive you mong

Upgrades :

  • increase damage (times 1.0)
  • increase health (times 1.0)
  • decrease cooldowns (divided by 1.0)

enemy attacks

has all these attacks but f doesnt half his hp and he has 200000000 hp


you e


  • supreme tibby dobbs god

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