Ruan Akashi is a OC of Devil beater and he based player RuanSousa075


Ruan Akashi wears Shade samurai, a ninja bandana, shaggy blue hoodie, and has a katana. He is also shown having the :P face.






LMB Ahah slash Slash his katana, launchs kunai 200,kunai 50 0 seconds
E Kunai and katana he launchs about 5 katanas at ground dealing high damage,

he uses his kunai and attack 40 kuanis on the player and dealing medium damage

400 1 second
R Attack of dead He buffs all the player's damage  Buff 20 seconds
F multiple! he makes a barrier, kunai mode uses his special kunai to attack all players in front of him and dealing high damage 900 100 seconds
Q Weapon Change Changes forms, Katana to Kunai ??? ???

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