Rorus Eligus is the first champion in the fear arc that you will face.


He has a shiny green fedora, with an angered face. With clothes of a military soldiers. His choice of weapon is the green periastron which is powered by the nuclear energy from the cave he protected. He is also a giant.


He used to be a small child raised in a family, which his parents were soldiers. They had trained him to be very strong. He had become an adventurer but due to him being stupid, he had been fooled to an unknown witch/wizard who scammed his gold and gave him a potion which turned him bigger, and green


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB SMASHY AND SMASH. He uses his giant sword and smashes it to the ground. 300 per smash. 5 seconds
E ME THROWS SWORD! Throw your sword at a targeted place. 200 20 seconds
R COME ON BROTHER! Summon a mini rorus N/A 40 seconds
F NUCLEAR SMASH!!! Rorus jumps onto a building, then falls down and smashes the ground dealing 400 damage, also poisons the enemies for 10 seconds and every seconds it deals 100 damage. 1400 100 seconds
Passive BIG MAN Every 2 minutes Rorus becomes bigger by 1cm, which boosts his health. 2 minutes N/a
Q Your time is up. Rorus becomes small again, making his health 200. But he gains 30 more speed and decreases all his cooldowns (He has a seperate moveset in this mode) N/A 4 minutes

Q move-set

Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Give me a challenge Rorus brings up his cane and stabs it into the enemy. 200 0.5 seconds
E Dual canes, double the elegancy. Rorus doubles his cane onto his other arm, dealing twice the damage as before (lasts 5 seconds) 400 30 seconds
R Out of my way. Rorus stabs in his cane. Doing AOE damage. 50 20 seconds
F You thought you could defeat me?!? Rorus gains 1 speed a second (lasts 10 seconds) and gains a massive damage buff. He starts swiping with his cane dealing 100 damage per swipe. (Lasts 5 seconds) 100 per 5 secs 1 minute
Passive Hmph Rorus upgrades his armor, increasing health 10 seconds N/a
Q ARGH!!!!! Rorus becomes giant again, making his health 700 But he loses 30 more speed and increases all his cooldowns (He has a seperate moveset in this mode) N/A 4 minutes


IMPORTANT: Read to your own risk of spoilers to the fear arc.

The S.E.F

He was the one who had tried to stop this group from getting the weapon.


Solim and Rorus might know each other, this being in an enemy way.



Rorus shouts at you, in caps lock. And his grammar isnt the best due to him having broken teeth. He might for example ''ME MUCH STRONG!!!''


Rorus talks in a polish manner, as if he is better than you and your team mates. And has a larger ego. His thone is also deeper. In this form he is also smarter.