Rokyo is a crappy Devil Beater OC.


Rokyo wears a white fedora and he has blue hair. It appears he is wearing the shirt you are wearing when you create your ROBLOX account, but instead his shirt has an R on it instead of a bike. He is wearing black pants that are from the game Apocolypse Rising .


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Rock Throw


Rokyo would throw a rock,

dealing minor damage.

5 1 second
Secret Water


Rokyo would take off his hat

and splash water out of it,

dealing no damage.

0 20 seconds
Dirt Kick


Rokyo kicks dirt for 5 seconds,

stunning the enemy.

0 50 seconds
Boulder Shout


Rokyo shouts about how powerful he is, making a boulder come out of nowhere and hit Rokyo, killing him, but it keeps rolling to the enemy, and when it hits the enemy it does critical damage 400 400 seconds (Even though it doesn't really need a cooldown since it kills you.)


Rokyo is very idiotic and he does things that everyone hates, like shout out randomly and scream alot. He is the kind of person that likes to break the rules and challenge people to fights. He always brags about how strong he thinks he is.


 Rokyo once was an ordinary new player, until he found a fedora. When he put the fedora on... Literally nothing happened, but he thought he had gained the power of all admins. Since then he would challenge people to battles that he thought he could win, but he only would fail miserably.  He wouldn't give up though, he still thought he was the best, after everything that happened


Even at 50/50/50, Rokyo's "Rock Throw" move still does minor damage.

Rokyo costs 50000 Gold, because of how stupid he is.

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