Robo-Hitler is a cyborg/robot with his right arm being made out of titanium. He wears Guy Fieri's flame shirt Kestrel - Diglet8's Signature Suit (B) Heat Vision Goggles and Cyclops Droid . When he activates he has a minigun on his left arm and has Jettz Heel Wheels .


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB FIRE Shoot a burst of bullets. Deals medium damage per bullet.

150 per bullet


E IM INVINCIBLE JACK. Summon 6 explosive shields. If an enemy touches one or attacks you the shield explodes dealing high damage. This counter activates 6 times and the cooldown starts when all the shields are used. 200 per shield 14
R Mnemonic drill arm. Turn your right arm into a giant drill and drill forward. Deals High damage and makes you invincible during this attack 750 on intial touch. Deal DOT when touching the drill. 8
F DONT MESS WITH ME JACK. Robo-Hitler throws away his minigun to pull out 2 giant blades and he attaches them to his arm in a scissor like way. He also has his base speed changed to 45. Each LMB deals 750 DMG and has 25 life steal. Buff 30
Q Serious strike. Charge all your energy into one single punch. Using this disables your passive for 20 seconds and all your cooldowns activate. It also halves your current hp. 3000 Once per life (50/50/50)

(you have to wait 3 minutes after activating to use this.)

PASSIVE GAS GAS GAS. holding a movement button slowly speeds you up until you get to 55 speed. Stopping makes your speed go back to default. PASSIVE PASSIVE (20 seconds after using your Q)


Robo-Hitler is a very hammy person usually yelling "BEHOLD IT IS I, ROBO-HITLER". He is also a very loud and arrogant person. Though arrogant he still has immense untapped power that he doesn't use for some odd reason. The only problem being that he runs on internet explorer so he reacts to things slow. Mostly saying things a bit too late.


  • Sultan Shaggy : His rival.


  • He is one of the only characters to rival Rubber Projectile's power.
  • He is not associated with Robo Boy.
  • His passive ability's name is a reference to Intial D and something else.