Ri Ri is a character based off of a dead joke.

She's literally a "goddess" who uses a hammer and implies they are not an Ichirou ripoff when it literally looks like they are. Not sure what else can get worse ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Ri Ri has short black hair and dons a hat with glasses and a scarf, along with a pair of black and red clothing with a tie.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB - Ri Ri swings her hammer. 30 2 seconds
E No running on the battlefield. Ri Ri hits her hammer on the ground, creating a shockwave,stunning anyone hit by it. 64 5 seconds
R I'm not an Ichi ripoff, ya ignorant slug. Ri Ri dashes to the opponent,hitting them 12 times and then backing up to prevent further damage. 10 per hit 9 seconds
F Sunshine,rainbows and friendship, you're a fucking idiot. Ri Ri jumps up and then falls down with her hammer facing downwards,spinning in the process and then hitting the enemy. 76 17 seconds


-Increase Health

-Increase Speed

-Decrease Cooldowns


She screams at the top of her lungs every 3 seconds.

Pretty much annoying.

(thank you to whoever said i was ily2)


It was the year 2015,before this was a thing and before MisterObvious was exposed to be a fucking pE-


It was the year 2015.



There was a scumbag walking around the woods. One day she thought "HMMM MAYBE LIFE ISN'T BAD AFTER ALL"

She was wrong. She somehow fell into a hole and there was apparently a sign like "OH NO DONT FALL THERE'S TOXIC WASTE" and she was too busy looking up at the fUCKING CL-

She was looking at the clouds and she just apparently didn't see a giant fucking log in front of it with a "OH SHIT BE CAREFUL" sign.

Wow what a fucking dumbass.

Anyways,she gets up and suddenly, WOAH.

Devil Beater.

And now this exists.


Just kidding,she was just supposed to be Blankaqe but no,she's Ri Ri.



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