Rhimient A. Czepiel is an OC for the game devil beater


Rhimient A. Czepiel is wearing the sorcus hat,he has the future vision 2090 and the amethyst antlers.His clothes are a fully purple tuxedo with a bit of white and gray.Also he has the ironically named "Visual Studio Seized Up For 45 seconds...Again" face.


Key Name Description DMG CLD
LMB Eye Beam Shoots a red beam from Czepiel's future vision 2090 for 3 seconds. 130 3s

(after 2s of the beam)

E Heat Sphere At the direction your pointing,your eye beam forms a orange projection which forms a big sphere. After the sphere being formed, it shoots at the coordination's you want with your mouse.The burn will last 5 seconds.

(BURN = Basic dmg plus the multiplication of Burn DMG x 5 seconds, basically 140 + 10 x 5 = 190)

(I'm obsessed with mathematics,don't sue me)



10 (per second)

10s (after the attack is done not counting burn)
R Hologramic Cylinder The player stands still and forms a transparent-red cylinder.After it's formed, it rolls to the enemy to do heavy damage and stuns the enemy which causes to do bonus damage at the same time.The duration of the stun is 5 seconds. 230





F Hologramic Minions Czepiel forms 5 green-transparent minions. After forming the servants, they shoot heat spheres. They last for 10 seconds (Leading them to shoot a sphere each 2 seconds)

(15/15/15 = 7 minions)

(50/50/50 = 16 minions)


(Minions Heat spheres)

Burn: 10 (per second)


(after all minions died)


  • Increase health drastically (5+ health by each upgrade point)
  • Increase damage on all moves [except burn and stun] (0.72+ DMG by each upgrade point)
  • Increase speed and minion count (0.25+ speed per upgrade and minion count by some amount)


Akeoderimi is a man which makes weapons to other people and for himself. He testes it first in a secret room he has in his home if all the measurements are right. While being smart and active on measuring objects to make his own ammunition, he also reads a lot in the office while waiting for an order. Czepiel found many things which interested him and wanted to experiment with the compounds, materials, etc. which Akeoderimi has. Leading him to make a lot of weapons and tools.




  • He has a second name,so his full name is Rhimient Akeoderimi Czepiel.
  • His last name came from Poland
  • Rhimient got a redesign cause he looked like 10yr jotaro (Fucking doof me -Logan) Here is his original look --->

Yeah looks like 10yr jotaro,amirite.

Rhimient Akeoderimi Czepiel