Rhimient A. Czepiel is an OC for the game devil beater


Rhimient A. Czepiel is wearing the sorcus hat,he has the future vision 2090 and the amethyst antlers.His clothes are a fully purple tuxedo with a bit of white and gray.Also he has the ironically named "Visual Studio Seized Up For 45 seconds...Again" face.


Key Name Description DMG CLD
LMB Eye Beam Shoots a red beam from Czepiel's future vision 2090 for 3 seconds. 130 3s

(after 2s of the beam)

E Heat Sphere At the direction your pointing,your eye beam gets into a specific range.Hence makes a Heat-Seeking sphere, if contact with the enemy it will damage and burn them.The burn will last 5 seconds.

(BURN = Basic dmg plus the multiplication of Burn DMG x 5 seconds, basically 140 + 10 x 5 = 190)

(I'm obsessed with mathematics,don't sue me)



10 (per second)

10s (after the attack is done not counting burn)
R Hologramic Cylinder The player stands still and forms a transparent-red cylinder.After it's formed, it rolls to the enemy to do heavy damage and a stun which does bonus damage.The duration of the stun is 5 seconds. 230





F Hologramic Minions Yet again the player stands still, but this time he makes 5 transparent-green minions.The minions are clones of Czepiel,which it's only ability is to do the Heat sphere.The minions can do it more than 5 times without cooldown after throwing the heat sphere.The minions last after 6 hear spheres exact.The burn will last for 3 seconds.

(15/15/15 = 7 minions)

(50/50/50 = 12 minions)


(Minions Heat spheres)

Burn: 10 (per second)


(after all minions died)


  • Increase health drastically (5+ health by each upgrade point)
  • Increase damage on all moves [except burn and stun] (0.72+ DMG by each upgrade point)
  • Increase speed (0.25+ speed per upgrade point)




  • He has a second name,so his full name is Rhimient Akeoderimi Czepiel.
  • His last name came from Poland
  • Rhimient got a redesign cause he looked like 10yr jotaro (Fucking doof me -Logan) Here is his original look --->

Yeah looks like 10yr jotaro,amirite.

Rhimient Akeoderimi Czepiel

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