just wait until the cancerous 10yr - Editor's note fam
Hi sponger
Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance Remix04:07

Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance Remix


Key Move Damage Cooldown
LMB angry boy angry damage .5 Seconds
E Jetaro is gay cancer deletion of the deletion 6 seconds
R hate Jetaro Hate Jetaro 15 seconds
F oof oofer 30 seconds
Q send dudes aaaa 2 seconds
T Autism man is my child death to all who don't worship the woah

60 seconds.


  • Increase size of LMB.
  • Increase health.
  • Increase damage of LMB. (5 damage per upgrade)

List of people who would get the character.

  • WWWildcard (200/200/200) Creator.
  • God himself (Jetaro/Jetaro/Jetaro/urmom/spoon/Jetaro minecraft funny moments)
  • Etaleo_Callidum (50/50/50) A really cool guy.
  • firehyperking (50/50/50) A funny person who better not kill themselves
  • Arina_Azuma (50/50/50) Hey, why not?
  • darkkyraki (50/50/50) A+ For the characters he made.
  • LOVERTOPICHUOK (50/50/50) He doesn't remember me but oh well.
  • BackflipZorua (35/35/35) This dude seems to ALWAYS get on new character lists-
  • AsrielMemer (50/50/50) Inhale the memes.
  • Avaxus (50/50/50) Is that a Jojo reference?
  • Aquaforever2234 (50/50/50) Team member / Good friend
Good boy

Hello my child

Good boy

Send dudes

Good boy2

Or death

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