LMB = Throws a fast, big ball of Flux. Cooldown is 4 seconds, damage is 100.

RMB = Using his Anchor, he does a 3-hit combo that ends with a spin. Cooldown is 10 seconds, damage is 100, 200, 300.

E = He throws his Anchor using the chain it's attached to at an opponent, pulling them towards him. Cooldown is 30 seconds, damage is 180.

R = He throws down his anchor for 5 shockwaves of Flux to come out. Cooldown = 30 seconds, Damage = 100 per shockwave. Shockwave range is about 20 studs.

F = Very Strong. He spins around for 30 seconds, the Anchor going around and around in a small radius, while releasing 1 shockwave every 5 seconds (6 shockwaves) and big balls of Flux that rapidly shoot out. Cooldown = 1 minute, Damage = Anchor does 200 per hit, Shockwaves do 150, and the Flux balls do 60.

T = He plays "You are a Pirate" to boost everyone's attack and speed by X3 for 30 seconds. Cooldown = 1 minute.

Q = He switches weapons to a Flintlock that shoots bullets as large as 10YR Sir Venon 50/50/50's LMB. This unlocks at 50/50/50, however this mode has no abilities besides T. Damage = 300 per shot, Cooldown = 1 second inbetween every shot, 6 seconds to reload. Holds 10 bullets.


Increases Damage.

Increases Health.

Increases the size of his LMB.


High Damage, 50/50/50, Ranged AND Close.


Slow, Hard to use, Alternate mode has no abilities

I'd appreciate some help with the scripting of this. The details that I haven't already put in the short idea above are listed here;

Cost: 3.5 Million.

Health: 450.

DPS: 100.

Speed: 20.

Theme: (Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambience Remix)

Element: Flux

Creator is: WWWildcard

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