Rexcho is another oc based of the user Logan.


Rexho has a red robe with black pants.He also has black iron horns,an adurite fedora and a clockwork shades made out of adurite.He also has the STARE face.


Keys Official Description DMG CLD
LMB Throw a tiny sharp blade at the enemy.It penetrates the enemy if hit.

Bleed lasts for 5 seconds




E Creates a red-transparent spike wall.

The wall acts like a spike bullet and it shoots off after 4 seconds of it being made Bleed lasts for 5 seconds




R The player creates true illusions which look real. The illusions consist of 3 damon minions. After some period of time they implode with a medium range and die. 150

(per hit)


(after minions die)

F Forms a big white orb,it shoots black orbs out of it and the white one shrinks in size,the black orbs home the enemy while at the same time the white orb is shrinking until its max.After the white orb is small enough it disappears and stops producing black orbs which do explode on contact.

Note: 1 black orb spawns per 3.5 seconds and the black orbs last 7s alive.The white orb lasts 33s alive.




(after white orb disappears)

G You make a strong illusion which is yourself.Your illusion-clone can attack by throwing sharp knives to the enemy.

Fun fact: Its two illusion-clones of yourself and they last 25s


(per illusion-clone hit)

78s (after minions die)


  • Increase health
  • Increase speed
  • Increase damage and decrease cooldowns.


Rexcho is a very vicious man, especially when it comes to his property he owns. He literally doesn't sleep just to be focused on his property in case of a robbery or someone hitting his property to get in. Rexcho has talents which he literally has on his moves. One of them are the illusions, which makes him make illusions which look and feel real, yet they're not. The other one is the condition he has of not sleeping. The rest of his talents are unknown to everyone but himself.


  • Rexcho Nionamo was gonna originally be named Macshnell Llenivo Alkatraz