Refero Formica is an upcoming character in Devil Beater, based off of qu240103, the list man who list can. Being bought in by Demaru once he gets enough :v.


Refero Formica wears a red hood with horns, alongside a mask covering his face. He also dons black armor with red leather for protection and extra warmth.


Name Description DMG CD
Q Summon a dragon head that orbits around you to shoot small fireballs at the enemy automatically. Refero Formica can make them launch a medium-sized fire blast via mouse location from LMB skill.

You can spawn 5 dragons at a time without any upgrades to extra dragon heads.



5 seconds (after all dragon heads are used)
LMB Lets your dragon heads breath a medium-sized fire blast that explodes dealing medium damage and knockback to anyone hit in the blast. 85 1.5 seconds

Summons another but temporary dragon head. After 2 seconds delay, Refero Formica fires the temporary dragon head at the nearest enemy. On contact with another object, the dragon head explodes dealing high damage to any enemy caught in the explosion and buffing your damage temporarily.

Ignores the dragon heads limit, it's temporary.


(buff = +225 damage, 20 second duration)

12 seconds
R Sacrifice one of your dragon heads by extracting it's soul out and spread across to create a pulsing healing aura that lasts for 10 seconds. Teammates in the aura are healed by 50 HP per second.

50 HP per second

(Not damage. Please)

20 seconds.
F After 2.1 seconds delay, uses all of your summoned dragon heads to fire an extremely large fire ball. After impact, the large fire ball leaves behind a burning ground on the floor for 6 seconds. Anyone standing on it will receive DoT. The dragon heads will explode after use, due to how much power they spent to create that fire ball. 650 + 250 × dragon head amount 70 seconds
T Play part of the seinfield theme song at earrape volume. kills your ears 15 seconds (after the audio ends)


After a second delay, summon a protective dragon head that encloses you to be used as a shield. For 5 seconds, the dragon head absorbs 75% of the incoming damage, but slows you down by 25%. After the 5 seconds, the dragon head explodes dealing the amount of damage it had absorbed. depends on how much damage the dragon head absorbed 20 seconds

(after the dragon head explodes)


50/50/50 BONUS: At 50/50/50 your dragon heads, fireballs, and the LMB become larger. Get access to G, which is a move where after a second delayer, you summon a protective dragon that encloses you to be usef as a shield. For 5 seconds, the dragon head absorbed 75% of the incoming damage, but slows you down by 25%. After the 5 seconds, the dragon head explodes dealing the amount of damage it had absorbed.

CREATOR BONUS: Qu, Demaru, iiDiablu (he gets creator bonus for appearance) and etaleo (not gonna tell why) get a new move: Y where he turns into Demaru and boosts his damage by 420x

Decrease cooldowns(1% so when 50/50/50 CD are halved)
Increase base damage (by like 2% so its 100% more dmg at 50 :u)
Add extra dragon heads (5 points = 1 extra dragonhead(we did a vote for it))

list thingy of ppl whomst'd've get him for free/ original file :u

Also including blacklists.

"ha you cant add yourself to the lissssssssst!!!" ~ togedemaru


u must play a summoner and beat the whole game, from the start, to the end without any skips, have video proof!!! if u did it and have video proof, message ninj#1799 or "over heaven soda (TM)"#2889 on discord and give him the proof. we do NOT accept pics, ONLY video proof.


  1. You can only use summoners(ex. lizard, rhine, lover solies, etc.) for the whole game.
  2. You can have a squad up to 5 players, or solo.
  3. You can't go AFK and never come back. We don't want any players that did nothing to get the prize for the challenge.
  4. Abusing any type of command that resets you will automatically make your playthrough become invalid. For ex., reset!!! or keidocorp rules!!!
  5. Purposely cheating to beat the challenge will put you on the blacklist.

Challenge (2)

(made by qulikesanime49)

“The Internship’s adventure”

Beat the entirety of the game as River Vertus, Sly Villion, Hop Lee, Seth Nasmeh, kai or Jacob Za Drakin. No skips, No skipping obby’s (UNLESS you keep failing), And no having fun (very illegal) same rules as above idk


  • Demaru helped qu make most of the moves and created the G for refero.
  • His name was created by Etaleo_Callidum and it means "list ant".
  • Refero is similar to Lizard, but his summons follow him, auto-attack, and his abilties revolve around his summons heavily.

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