Ramar Jamio, the Businessman

Ramar Jamio is the founder and President of The Company, an infamous business. He is the offensive of the two brothers and can therefore do massive amounts of damage.


Ramar has a long, purple hair and manly beard. He dons a business suit and carries a briefcase with the words "Top Secret" painted in red on both sides.


Ramar, being opposite to his brother, is agressive, this due to his extreme greediness. He CAN and WILL do everything for money, inclusing mass murdering. He is the responsible for causing the famine in Africa, making the USA the greatest world power and also for the corruption in all governments. He will do everything for money, like stated before, but wont do if it can harm his business. He is also very bossy and is formal when a group of people he consider strong talks to him. He, like his brother, tends to say "Yea, like totally" a lot.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Gets a new bag of money. Maximum: 3 None 4 seconds
LMB Trows his bag of money. Medium damage. Only usable money bags are avaible. Each hit after the first one is 25% times more powerful than the previous one. The previous effect ceases after 1.5 seconds. Minusculous cooldown. 100 0.3 seconds
E Trows a credit card at the enemy, trapping them for 3 seconds. Medium cooldown. None 12 seconds
R Stock exchanges. Makes 20 $100 bills fall from the sky in an area of 25 studs. Large damage.

Large cooldown.

Dollar Bill: 200 20
F Crashes the economy of the country. Every single player and enemy will be followed by 5 raining money bags. If it hits a player, they will be healed for each money bag. If it hits a boss, they will be damaged. Massive cooldown. Heal: 150

Damage: 500

45 seconds
T Says "Big Money, Big Prizes!" or "I'd buy that for a dollar!". None 1 second


1: Use slaves to do jobs.

Note: Sightly reduces cooldown by 0.20 for each point.

2: Stock exchanges a lot.

Note: Increases HP by 3 for each point

3: Creates more business.

Note: Increases size AND hitbox of LMB money bags. Also, the passive number of total bags increases by 1 for each 5 points.


[Initial part of the story told at Majar Ramio’s page].

After getting the scholarship, Ramar was sent to the United States, were he studied on one of the most famous and effective schools in the world. There, he learnt about everything he could: history, math, science, english and many other grades. He spent over than 10 years in the elementary school and highschool. After the long journey of studying, he decided to enter the university of economy and administration, aiming to make his own company. He learnt all the secrets and ‘cheats’ he could. In that time, he got greedier and greedier, doing the smallest things for money.

When he was done with the faculty, he started his own business and decided to name it “The Company”. He started small, but due to his incredible skills at administering things. After only 1 year, it was the biggest company in the country, acting in a large types of business. To this day, over than 20 years after the scholarship, he and his brother are owners of the biggest business in the world, capable of causing the armageddon.


  • The entire character was inspired by the music Big Money by The Quick Brown Fox.
  • He was made BEFORE Vapebug, meaning his T is NOT based off Vapebug's T.