Something I made for the Ocean Man.
Key Move Damage Cooldown
LMB Do a DEO Burando punch. 100 DMG 0.5 Seconds
E "Corrode" (aka 90% Damage Debuff) the attacks of an enemy for 30 seconds. N/A 10 Seconds
R Send the Ocean Man to your enemy, and watch as they get Tsunami'd, while Ocean Man plays in the background. 500 DMG 30 Seconds
F Rage Cringifies, or Edgifies something, and uses it as an attack.

Cringified = Stun

Edgified = DoT

Cringified Projectile = 100 Plus Stun

Edgified = 100 Plus DoT

60 Seconds.
X (SPECIAL RAGE ONLY EXCLUSIVE) Explode in a fashion to DIO in stardust crusaders, while screaming "I AM DIO!" EXTREMELY LOUD. ohyeahyoualsodielol you are ded once in a life

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