Radox Lethron is an OC for the game Devil Beater. He is a member of the Nuke Squad.


Radox wears a Gas Mask and the Radialem Suit. He also has green, spiky hair. Once you get in his range, you're dead. He always releases a gas that will kill you almost instantly.


Key Fists Description Knife Description Damage Cooldown
Q Switch weapons. Switch weapons. None. None.
LMB Punch. Slash in front of


30 (fists)

60 (knife)

0.1 second


E Release a gas

from your mask.

Your knife starts

to glow green.

Doubles damage

for 10 seconds.

50 (fists)

120 (knife)

5 seconds


20 seconds


R Make giant

lightning bolts fall

to the ground in

front of you.

Throw 3 knives in

different directions.

100 (fists)

130 each



15 seconds


21 seconds


F Charge up for

2 seconds and

shoot a giant

laser beam out

of your hand.

Hold F to slash


200 (fists)

20 a hit


30 seconds


10 seconds



  • Damage.
  • Health.
  •  ???


  • When you enter his range, you're dead.

* His weapons are similar that of Avaxus'.