Key Description DMG CLD
Auto For every 750 damage you deal with your LMB, you create a column of flames in 3 random nearby places. These each deal 100 damage. 100 x3 N/A
Auto 2 For every 2500 total damage Sostice deals, the damage of his attacks is permanently increased by 10%. This effect stacks up to 15 times. The effect is additive, not multiplicative. N/A N/A
LMB A 3-hit click combo. Swing your glaive twice for medium damage, then lunge forward for low armor-ignoring damage and some mobility. 200 x2


E Dive into the air, then dive towards the cursor. This deals high AoE damage in a 12x12x12 area. 350

30 LS

R Spin around four times consecutively, each dealing low damage when an enemy makes contact with the glaive's head. After the fourth spin, slams your weapon down onto the ground, creating a wave of small columns in front of you. Each column does medium damage. 75 per spin

125 per column

F Performs a huge lunge forwards, which deals low damage. If you land this attack successfully, the enemy is stunned for 5 seconds and you leap into the air. When you land on an enemy, you thrust your glaive into their head, dealing enormous damage to them and fully healing you. If you land on the floor instead, you create a huge shockwave of flame instead, which does 25% of the damage it would deal on a direct hit. Missing the attack will half the cooldown. 1,200 or 300

(150 dmg lunge)



  • Reduces the amount of damage you need to deal to activate your passives. (-1% per SP spent)
  • Increases the damage of your abilities. (+2.8% from 0- 15, +2.1% from 16 - 50)
  • Increases lifesteal and armor. (+4 LS first SP spent & +1.05 for every SP spent afterwards, +1.2 armor every SP spent)


Okay, yeah, I guess I'm done here. I'll probably leave a few comments here and there and maybe make a few tweaks to my current OCs, but otherwise I think I'm done with this community.

Now for some useless facts about this page.

  • This version of Sostice isn't actually a full-on redesign (which is why the other Sostice page still exists), but is instead a future version of him. This Sostice is 22 years old, so this is 3 years in the future from the events of the (now long dead) Fear arc.
  • I was originally going to make RE:Sostice's weapon an axe. Then I got bored and decided to practice making a glaive instead. (Also other people wanted a glaive more.)
  • Though progress isn't going to start for a very, very long time, I have had thoughts about making an RPG with Sostice as a main character. So uh. Yeah.

I guess I'm done here. Thanks for reading my last OC, and I hope you like it.

See you guys another time.

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