Pzubrikov is a Russian, who tends to speak English, but tends to yell at people in Russian if he gets angered.


He just wears a the Storm suit with Glasses, Antlers, and Glasses. He sadly can't hover over the ground because his wings are just pretty much glued on.


He loves to heal people if they are needed actually because he loves to be support and nice to his teamates. But if he gets angered, he yells in Russain and tries to fight the person with his trusty pistol. However, he tends to be mature, but become childish as well if someone were to do something that makes him laugh.


Attack Description DMG CLD
LMB Pzubrikov fires his pistol, that's pretty much it. 125
E Pzubrikov switches to healing bullets for allies, but he can't heal himself. Just press E again to have damaging bulllets again. 0
R Pzubrikov takes out his AK-47 and damages his enemies heavily. 300
F Rushes in with a Katana and slashes his emenies. 200


(He likes people, but he doesn't pefer to say who has Relationships with him at all.)