Purple Skittles Man is a joke OC for devil beater. He is the leader of the Skittles Gang. Skittles gang is an ally of the Noob Gang (hopefully will be allowed by kingrobux soon)


Purple Skittles Man is shown to have green skin, wear a blue shirt and have very skinny legs and arms. He is also seen wearing a party hat bcuz its his birthday?!?!?!?


Attack Name Birthday Boy Knife Skittles Damage Cooldown
LMB Birthday Shield, Swash , Thwow. Create a 100 HP barrier around you for a short amount of time to protect some damage. Slash infront of you with your knife for high damage. Throw a skittles in the mouse direction, If hits an ally he heals 2% of his hp. If hits an enemy they take low damage. None,260,75 5 secs,2 secs,2 secs.
E Stunny Punch,Turrety,Lunch Punch infront of you, if hit put the enemy in a stun lock and throw your party hat at them like a boomerang. Place down a 100 HP turret that shoots knives at the enemy. Lasts 20 seconds or until the turret dies. Eat a bowl of skittles healing you 50% of your HP. 650,100,50% Heal 7 secs,10 secs,20 secs.
R Supah fast,Supah kick,Last Forcefield. Throw your party hat for low damage. Kick infront of you,if hits put the enemy in a stunlock and slash them very fast with your knife. Create a huge forcefield around you that heals all allies 100% of there HP once, 50,1000, 100% Heal 0.5 secs,10 secs,25
F EVACUATE!!!,Try me,RAIN!!! Give Everyone a 1k HP barrier for 5 seconds as a last resort. Create a blocking stance for 3 seconds, if you get hit in this period of time throw your knife into the enemys head for insane damage. Create a huge cloud above the map that rains skittles, if someone touches a skittle they get healed 10% of there HP. Lasts 10 seconds. None,2337,10% heal 50 secs,20 secs,1 minute


Purple Skittles Man always speaks in lower case letters and tries to be funny and retarded, just like in his picture.


Ocean man.



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