Puer Veneficus is an oc for the game Devil Beater.


Puer wears blue pajamas and a sleeping hat, both have yellow stars on them. He also has a wooden staff with a blue orb on one end of it.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Left Click Puer fires a small projectile out of his staff. If the projectile hits an enemy a mark will be placed on them. There is no limit to how many marks can be placed however they only last for a few seconds. 50 0.3 seconds
E Puer creates five orbs above his head, after a 1 second delay the orbs will chase the nearest enemy, if any marks are on the target enemy Puer will be healed. 100 (Orbs)

10 Lifesteal (Per mark)

5 seconds
R Puer summons a tornado that travels in the direction Puer is facing dealing damage and knockback to enemies hit. If any marked enemy is hit they will take a small amount of damage depending on how many marks are placed on them and they will be stunned for 3 seconds. 200 (Tornado)


(For every mark)

3 seconds
F Puer creates a huge AOE blast around him and every mark that is currently placed on an enemy. 150 (Per blast) 10 seconds


Puer has a problem with sleep-walking, one night he was sleep walking and woke up in the middle of nowhere with this strange staff in his hands, he later found out how valuable this staff: The Staff of Somniabunt is and that people want to take it from him, but Puer won't simply give it to somebody else.


Puer tends to be very calm and even when very exited or pissed off he always keeps his voice low because he hates being noisy, in fact, he hates noise in general.


  • Increase the duration of Puer's marks slightly
  • Increase the size of Puer's attacks
  • Increase Puer's Health


  • Puer hates noise, so much so he killed his neighbors because they blasted loud music.
  • Puer Veneficus literally means wizard boy.