This OC is a joke off of how demaru wants to extend Demarus land on discord.

Key Moveset Damage + Effects Cooldown
LMB Throw a poll at the enemy. 50 DMG Hold Down, after release, 1 second cooldown
E Throw a Demaru Steak™ at the enemy for massive damage! 5000 DMG 5 Seconds to grill, 10 for Cooldown.
R Take out the Demaru Land flag, and salute to it, healing and buffing yourself and everyone around you. N/A, But X2 DMG, - 1.50% CD, +1.7 Armor Pierce, +50 HP Heal, Lasts for 5 Seconds. 30 Seconds.
F Take out your AK-47, and start shooting everything with Demaru land flags, while National Anthems play in the background. 1000 DMG, Lasts for 20 Seconds 1 Minute.