Pirato Waking Up00:09

Pirato Waking Up

RobloxScreenShot05122017 172420997

he's gay

Pirato is a pirate that is gay and just a joke pirate and just a stupid oc made by a stupid noob

Section heading

pirate wears a egg a whatever suit it is and pants the name he dosent know Write the second section of your page here. Pirato was just a dumb guy until one person offered him something and that's when his dreams came true

and im really just give you nothing because im too lazy and ill just give a moveset because im suppost to..?

I dunno I guess you could call this a blog....or anything

I did say it was made by me an idiot

if you hate this then good.i hate it too cause I have NO IDEA what im doing and ill just give the moves in visual form and no one can see the H O R R I B L E oc.

     reg: he blasts you with his yellow hot pocket gun (cause im lazy)

      E: he slaps you across the room

      R: stabs you with a sword
      F: yells in your ear

ok its over . YOU CAN LEAVE N O W also hes aligned with N-Force and his theme is

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