Pickle Pounder is a OC for devil beater.


It's literally a pickle holding a pickle sword.


down here


Key Attack Description DMG CLD
Q Switch 1 Throws your pickle blade behind you for suprise damage/knockback to the opponent and change 180 8s
LMB SLASH Slashes the enemy with it's all mighty Pickle Blade. 230 2s
E Pickle Throw Grabs his head and throws it infront of him.If touched by the enemy it will do minor damage and slips the enemy doing extra damage thanks to it's GUCCI liquid. 140

slip: 50

R SWOOSH The player swings its blade in a rapid way which makes pickle slashes in the direction it's facing (5 slashes) 80 (per slash)



F 19.6 is my volume The Pickle Blade doubles in size and you start spinning for a certain amount of time (5 seconds).After 5 seconds the player slams the blade to the ground making a green shockwave with a short range. Blade:





^ That's the moveset of the blade

Key Attack Description DMG CLD
Q Switch 2 Throw your daggers to the floor and get your mighty pickle blade.Your daggers act like ground spikes,which means if the enemy steps on it they get hurt. 180 8s
LMB Dagger Throw The player throws daggers to the enemy. 50 0.5s
E Daggerang One of the daggers go twice as long and wide.After they go twice their normal size,the dagger is thrown to the enemy,if contacted to the enemy it goes pass through the enemy and flys back to your hand at the same direction you hitted the enemy.There's a 3% chance of the Daggerang will be going through the enemy and follow the enemy until it hit's it again and then go back to your hand.This attack enduces bleeding (100%) for 10 seconds. 70

Bleed: 3

R Pickle-Juice rain The player puts his daggers down on the floor for 3 seconds.After those 3 seconds a giant pickle forms above you,which means it forms pickle-juice rain above and around the player.Then after a certain period of time (15 seconds) the rain will stop falling.

(PICKLE-J RAIN RADIUS: 27.03,1, 29.16)

90 (per Picke-Juice hit) 13s
F "WHAT!?" Your daggers turn into a pickle,now you will be throwing pickles which can explode on impact,this nonsense will last for 15 seconds.After 10 seconds the pickles turn into your daggers again. 120




43s (After the daggers turn normal)

^ This is the moveset of the dagger

Key Description DMG CLD
PICKLE (keystroke haha) 50/50/50. Pull out a glock and shoot yourself. 999999999 idk


  • Decrease F's Cooldowns (both forms) by 0.25s
  • Increase health by 1.5+
  • Increase potassium levels (damage) by 0.90+ on both forms


Pickle Pounder is just a PICKLE which came to life by having alot of mixed things into it,like Vitamin C,Vitamin K and in between with a small amount of potassium.Which formed this abomination,called Pickle Pounder.


  • Banana Slamma: They are related to eachother thanks to their similarities


  • Pickle Pounder is a joke char (Well thanks again captain obvious,you surely saved the day on that one)
  • Pickle Pounder is a Dill Pickle.
  • Pickle Pounder is a lost relative to Banana Slamma

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