Phinks has a hat, and where's a blue jump suit.

Move set

Key Name Power Cooldown description
Left click Hard Whack 400 N/A The user smack's the foe so hard, it twists their head. 1-KOS Minions, not bosses.
E Energy Punch 600 5 The user punches the foe so hard, they punch through their head. 1-KOS Minions. Not Bosses
R Crank N/A N/A Twist's arm, the more It twists, the more power it will have (max use of this is 50, your stacks will be 5000 ATK).
F Power To Punch 700 50 "Have you felt a punch from your parents? Who said they hated you? You loved them, then, they just say: "your a failure, LEAVE!" Only then to punch you out the door? THROW YOU OUT? You probably don't, let me show you how it feels." The user grabs the foe, stunning them, then, punching them.
Passive I'm a boy who acts like a bitch. N/A N/A Phinks talks about this and that like he's a girl when you talk. I SUGGEST TURN YOUR FUCKING VOLUME OFF.


"Phinks has a unknown story, he said however that, his family treated him like "shit", and was kicked out of his own home. He recruits members for the Spiders, and is good friend with Siam, that's all we know. Theirs probably more but, he hasn't spilled it... Bastard!"-Fetian.


Raises ATK

Raises Left click damage

Raises HP


The roblox deign for Phinks will be soon added.

Feitan said that Phinks could want to be a girl, since he acts like a girl so much.

The boss of the Spiders trusts Phinks the most.

"Feitan you douche, I don't want to be a girl! Ugh!"