The First Consumer of Worlds

The Consumer of Worlds was a special title given to those if immense strength by unknown beings, where those who had gotten the title was nearly indescribable entities that were given birth from the emptiness of the void. The First Consumer of Worlds had once had a name, but was lost by time randomly after obtaining the Consumer of worlds title. The First had wielded a four pronged plow, which by itself harbored an immense strength that neither of the other two Consumer of Worlds were able to completely wield it to its full potential. After an eternity its entire existence was forgotten, until one day the would be second Consumer of Worlds stumbled upon The First, causing a great battle that was incomprehensible to the masses who witnessed it, or had even lived through it. However the being that The Second had defeated and consumed was a phantom created by the real First Consumer of Worlds. Which looks almost the same as its phantom aside from the sheer fact that it's head was in actuality a beluga, and it wields no exact weapon. The First sits idly in a unknown part of reality, where everything is a blinding white light that views everything that goes on in existence, waiting for a suitable reaper to appear.

BB Mash, Second Consumer of Worlds

Berry Berry Mash, or known as BB Mash was the second known Consumer of Worlds until his consumption to Melonus. He had a similar past as to Melonus, he was originally an unnamed deity that was worshiped in and unknown part of its world, until the day where he had gotten his physical body and had accidentally eradicated all forms of life that it had originally helped prosper. Eventually falling into the disgrace of becoming a demon, but rising back into its original godhood in a bloody show of destruction. From the time BB Mash was alive his personality was highly similar to Melonus, with his weapon being the Washing Pole in which he wields, with Melonus eventually copying his fighting style. It was said that after BB Mash had defeated The First, he had dedicated his entire remainder of his life fighting, his reasoning being that "I need to be nice and strong, so that when the next one comes he won't be disappointed.", accepting that he was destined to die, but had taken it with pride. By the time Melonus had appeared before BB Mash, he had bonded with Melonus to such a degree in a short amount of time to the point where the witnesses who had seen the battle had effectively killed themselves after Melonus had begun consuming his body, and rising to become The Third, and the final.