Oscodo is an OC for Debbil Beetoh


Oscodo has Red hair, and a bandana with ghosts on it. He wears the glasses and bandana to hide his true identity from others. He also wears the Strom suit.

He wields both a normal M9 pistol, chambered in red bullets (represented by his flame). His 50 Q pulls out a free model sniper rifle

Key Name Description Damage/Buff Cooldown/Duration
LMB "Pew" Rooty tooty point n' shooty (I'm keeping this, lmao) 100 Dmg / Shot 1 second
E "I can tri-shot. so what?" Oscodo readies his gun, and fires 3 times, while totally not ripping off McCree. 125 Dmg / Shot 5 seconds
R "Powering up!" Oscodo powers up his red bullets to increase his damage. +100 Damage to all Duration: 20 seconds | Cooldown: 60 seconds
F "Grand Finale" Oscodo stands and aims for 3 seconds, firing a large bullet. 425 Damage Cooldown: 200 Seconds
Q "Taking the Shot" (50/50/50) Oscodo pulls out his tech sniper, lining up the shot and pulling the trigger 850(?) Damage if landed 3 seconds wind up time | Cooldown: 350 seconds
T "And Stay Dead" Play a taunt from Payday 2, where Hoxton says "AND STAY DEAD" 0 .1 Seconds


  • Increase in your government roids (Health)
  • Increase damage on all skills (Very slightly.)
  • You can actually aim? (Aiming is sort of easier.)


Once upon Oscodo's timeline, he used to be a normal person. Receiving awards for being a ripoff, and in clubs. Sadly, one day, he was subjected to governmental tests, which took a major (tom) toll on his health and mental state. With some humanity in him, he escaped the facility where he was tested at. Harnessing the injections and whatnot (Pretty much Genji), he used his new abilities to take an interest in firearms. He decided to also hide his identity and face, from any possible government agents still on the look for him.

After a year as a lone wolf, he runs into Lea and Alex, who are having a scouting mission to find any possible assets to their team. Both Lea and Alex spot Oscodo, whom Osc reacted by firing at them. Lea quoted, "This man is probably the most scariest, yet deadliest person we could have." and eventually convinced Oscodo to join the group after a long negotiation and proving they aren't government agents.

It is unknown how many he could have killed during that year, as some think his bandana is the number of souls he has taken under his gun (killed).


  • Turndials: He is a current member of the Turndials group.
  • Lea Besdi: He does not care on a personal level, but will still help her if in need.
  • Naoko Imoni: Oscodo does not despise Haze, but thinks he could be a government agent.
  • Alex Troban: Alex and Oscodo get along well, since they both are pretty stubborn.
  • Tero Vow: Doesn't care about the dude.


  • Oscodo was in planning for the creator, but took many breaks and was working on Alex's better look.
  • It's possible the bandana is the number of souls he took (killed).
  • Oscodo is a friend project. A friend of the creator helped him with a basic design and weapon + flame.
  • It's possible he's angry forever, as it is shown he isn't too happy.
  • (Oh my god Eta, I shall banish you to the underworld o3o. Also, Shuu only swithes or can fire faster than normal..)