Omega Rainbow Fag is a joke OC for the game dick beater.


He's orange, green and blue. Very Gay.


Key Name Desciption Damage Cooldown
Left Click Gay orbs Shoot a green healing orb because your gay and can't fight. Heals for 25 health. 0.2 seconds
E The power of Akbar. Shoot a red orb that explodes upon hitting an enemy. 100 (orb)

25 (explosion)

2 seconds
R I haven't given consent yet. Shoot a blue orb that stuns the opponent. 75 4 seconds
F Anal. Force the opponent to bend over and start fucking them in the ass. 1000 per second

(25 lifesteal)

Requires your virginity.
T I'M GAY!!! Litteraly yell that you're gay. 0 0.1 seconds


  • The second oc made by newnath to be gay.
  • Someone legit dressed up as this oc while I was on a db server ironically, why did they do this? I don't know, why do people like my ocs? I will never know.
    Omega cosplayer

    Omega Rainbow Fag in it's natural habitat