Nox is a OC for devil beater. Currently STILL not finished...


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Grabs his knife and tries to stab the person in front of them 34 0.5 seconds
E Throws his knife forward taking out another one from his pocket 25 1.7 seconds
R Lunges forward then stabbing the person they've lunged to 46 3 seconds
F Nox throws his knife on the ground and then runs up to the enemy then ripping off their body parts 50000 1 Minute 21 Seconds
T Autistic heaven smile laughs AHAHAHA 0
Q Swaps into his Ghost form, Health depletes over time, Gains massive lifesteal potential when in this mode. Speed increases Status Buff Once Per Life

50/50/50 moves

Attack Description Damage Cooldown
X Nox stabs himself then starts to do a Heaven Smile laugh, Raises damage and HP for a 5 seconds Status Buff 18 seconds
Z Nox takes out a larger version of his knife then swings in front of him 75 9 seconds
C Grabs his knife and just slits both of his wrists and dies. Suicide Once a Life


  • Increase Nox's Speed
  • Increase Q's Lifesteal and damage
  • Slightly increase Nox's Health


  • This won't be finished soon Xd