NotANoob's Appearance

NotANoob is a DB OC made by two people, DemonBoy591,

and ChampionDragonite

He is very similar to the Noob stereotype but wearing a "Fake Dominus" which he found on the ground. he also has four different elemental orbs floating around him.

Also he isn't gonna be bought in unless someone wants to for a 51'd version cuz wasting 15k robucc (150 dollars) isnt fun for us.

NotANoob's Moves

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q OOF 0.5 Literally the Roblox Death Sound 0 1 sec.
LMB Elemental Strike Fires one of four orbs with varying effects Narukami: Heals 50 to allies

Stratus: Lifesteal with 150 damage

Aether: Large Knockback with 25 damage

Strom: 250 damage

.5 seconds
E Elemental Raise Buffs the effects of each orb for 5 seconds Narukami: heals 100 damage

Stratus: More Lifesteal with 200 damage

Aether: 50 damage with large knockback and a 1 second stun

Storm: 500 damage

30 seconds
R PILLS NOT HERE! Throws all orbs in a spread fashion (Spammable when 51'd) See LMB for Damages 5 seconds
F Orb af a Bunch Of Elements Throws a large black orb which does high damage, lifesteal, knockback, Heals 75 HP, deals 400 damage 50 Seconds


Increase NotANoob's Damage
Decrease all cooldowns by 1% each SP
Increase Speed

Moves (Enemy)

NotANoob throws his orbs but athey come out fast at equal speeds with the same effects as they would have if you played as him

Occasionally he will throw a large black orb like the one on his F instead of a regular orb

He will also occasionally throw all 4 orbs at once

The Narukami Orb instead deals low damage but has an AOE effect each time it hits an enemy

Time Anomaly Fight

If a large Time Anomaly happens, Imitator Guest will glitch in which Noob shrugs off and they fight.

The Narukami Orb now goes to guest and heals 50 hp with a very long cooldown

Guest's Moves

Dash-slashes at the nearest player for high damage

Rides on Noob's Aether Orb instead of his own which does high damage and knockback, During this Noob Cannot fire an Aether Orb

Spins around and throws his sword which causes a tornado for lots of damage, during this he Cannot attack for 5 seconds


Usually tries to poke fun at certain situations and often stutters noob lingo "Repor- what do you mean?" Often is also naive to a lot of things, just like any noob would be. He also gets offended easily.

Time Anomaly Personality

He seems very relaxed at times and often worrysome.


Imitator Guest (WIP)

An old friend of his.


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