Noobtant's Appearance

Noobtant has the appearance of the Noob stereotype but with multiple heads.

And nope, not buyin this in either, this i just made from a challenge from Jamar

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q OoOaaaaffd The Roblox Death sound but with a random effect on it 0 .75 seconds
LMB Head CRUMBLE Throws 3 heads in different directions that then collide with each other after 30 studs. 150 damage 1 second
E Not-So-Bighead Dashes in front of the nearest enemy then causing a Neuling noob neck and head to come out of the ground sending the opponent upwards 100 5 seconds
R The Real Bighead Causes a large Bighead to fall from the sky, can hit multiple times 50 damage 4 seconds
F NONONONOPE Dashes backwards exactly 30 studs while sending out a short- ranged blast of Neuling energy that stuns any opponent hit for 3 seconds. 25 damage 7 seconds


Noobtant mainly seems to speak some different language that few can understand, but behind that language, he's a bit socially awkward and a bit clumsy at times.

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