Noobius is a "noob" dressed up with a hood, visors, and a sword on his back, as well as a necklace with a knife carved onto it. He normally has a smug expression. He wields a cardboard katana, even though he wears an actual one on his back. How he got the money to buy these things is beyond my imagination.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Slash Noobius swings his blade forward in a large arc, hitting anyone directly in front of him. 50 0.5 seconds
E Stealth Noobius becomes temporary invisible, disabling all his attacks, but granting him 5 walkspeed and an additional 3 for each teammate down on the field Lasts 10 seconds 20 seconds
R Strike Noobius dashes and strikes whoever gets in the way, stunning them. 150 damage 15 seconds
F AHAHAHAHAHAAAA Noobius actually takes out his actual katana, permanently buffing his stats by 5%, and increases damage by 10% for 20 seconds 10% buff 60 seconds


Upgrade Description
Decrease Cooldowns -1% for every point
Increase Stun Time 0.1 seconds for every point
Increase Buff 1 second for every point


Noobius tends to act extremely edgy, contradicting how people with the Neuling element tend to act, but the only reason for this is to hide the fact that he is probably the dumbest N-Force member out of all of the members.


ill think of one one day