Noobie is an N-force character made by theggyer.


He kind of has the appearance of Noob Gangster, he wears a black and purple bandana and on the bandana there is a scary mouth along him having a cheeky face and a rainbow haired shaggy. His hat is a rainbow fedora.


Noobie Mc.Gee had never seen his mother or dad, as they had only had Noobie for a year after the Mc.Gee family had been attacked. His parents had died and for many days Noobie stayed in the now ruined house, crying. Until an unknown human had took him to the faction ''N-force'' at this time the N-force hadn't been as big as they are today, so Noobie with his cheeky personality usually liked to rob places, he has made many friends in the N-force and unlike other noobs he works amazingly alone and with other noobs.


He is not the most trustworthy guy in the world as his cheeky tricks lead him to be a bit of a trouble maker and can never really keeps secrets due to his curiosity, which leads him to tell others and see the person's reaction.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB GET NO-SCOPED XD! Noobie shoots a noobie head. 80 0.3 seconds
E EXPLOSIONS! He jumps up into the air and shoots down an explosive big red head 100 30 seconds
R PEW PEW PEW! Noobie starts spinning around shooting noobie heads. 150 damage each 50 seconds
F GET TRICKED ON! Noobie teleports to the place he had originally spawned at, and leaves a trail of black smoke which deals 200 damage. (The trail goes on the places you went) 200 70 seconds
Q NOOBS UNITE! (50/50/50) Noobie flies up into the air and starts throwing down noob minions They deal 10 damage (lasts for 30 seconds) 100 seconds
T Taunt (15/15/15) Noobie says GIVE ME ROBUCKS!!! N/A N/A


-His personality is kind of alike Etaleo's personality

-His gun is a PPSh-44 re skined to a noobie texture.

-The fedora is one of theggyer's favourite hats


Upgrade accuracy

Upgrade speed

Decrease Cooldowns

List of people getting him.


list guy

unclean dinner

tsuranuita (I'll miss you dud)



ena (50/50/50)