Neville Yasaris is the team leader for the Stahlir Foundation and an OC for the game Devil Beater. His creator is mentioned on the infobox. (name change for reasons)


Nevilio is an adolescent man with jet black shiny hair combed to his left, and he wears a black and white hooded jacket placed in various patterns, including black trousers.


Don't mind the lines on my image.

Ability Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB - Basic Punch Neville punches the enemy for low damage. If there are birds summoned, they fire under Nevilio's command. 90 1 second
E - Summon Bird Neville summons a bird to aid him, maybe for the battle. none 2 seconds
R - Heavenly Beacon Neville summons a bird beacon, which heals allies around its radius. none 24 seconds
F - Eagles Ho! Neville calls on the Mighty Eagles, to give him 35% stat boosts and summons two eagles to aid him Buff, 150 damage each eagle. 33 seconds


Neville seems to be brave, rather than just leading his team to victory alongside other teammates. He is a nice man at first, but then later reveals his plan to escape Studdton from the police task force but however he is being chased by Officer Elias Parslon and his mercenary (characters yet to be made). He has no intention of harming the Alliance whatsoever after he meets up with the Interns but that is revealed later on when they meet up and realize that the Officer is their "real enemy" that bought them to "justice" for doing crimes.

Quote: "I hate this feeling that we are in fact, living a life as a criminal...and it's so devastating on what my team's consequences would be after 7 weeks in jail."

-Neville, sharing his story to his "friend", Vis


Oliver Arizona

Since childhood, Nevilio seems to be the best of friends with him despite his sudden arrival to Studdton. Oliver shares the same story with Nevilio, which involved a sudden vision. Now, he is Nevilio's right hand man and is sworn to focus on the mission at all costs.


There isn't anything more about Nevilio's true purpose but there is that one special person who he really likes but in reality they never even met. Since both he and Vis have the power to summon animals (Nevilio being able to summon birds, and Vis being able to summon bunnies).

Although as a leader for a very (not-so) malicious clan, he has a softer side on himself, which makes him go off-task as to hunt an artifact rather than to mess around. So, he decides to try and recruit her about what they know of another existing artifact (besides the King's mask, Bloxy Cola and others). But what he's hiding is way different... They are known to be close friends when they were both young, possibly even best friends at times. Their pets would play around the "pet playground" when the two had free time. They would possibly talk about school, their future job, and a lot of other random stuff. Since they were separated due to some possible event, he remembers all his friends but however only two of them are considered special to him (the first one being Oliver himself). Now, his true personal plan is unleashed as tells her that the group is looking for a way to escape the city so that Neville would live a life of his own away from his crime days.

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