Neuling is a fan-made element made by JamarMario, created with the purpose of being the element of most members of the N-Force.

All Neuling users will be included in a fan-arc of mine. However, join the N-Force group on Roblox to get an appearence more than once. Thanks for reading. Also, message me on Roblox: JamarMario.

[if anyone has a decent symbol for the element, add it here]

Link to the fan-arc:

The Neuling Element Abilities

Neuling has no set specific power users are known to be focused on one specific thing and being terrible at others like an army. One shall have massive health and very low damage and another shall have massive damage but very low HP, other a supporter, etc. However, it's known that a Neuling user gets more powerful as he get higher ranks on the N-Force. Why this happen and how it is done, is only known by the highest ranked members of the N-Force.

Personality Traits

Neuling users are generally extremely childish and immature, most of times not taking things seriously. They are also known for their loyalty and work, as they tend to follow every single order of their masters, be it raping a 9 year old girl or breaking the legs of a football player. They are usually unware of the consequences of their acts and do not know the concept of "death".

Neuling Users

Noob Jamar

Sir Nybengynder

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