Neferpitou is another spider member OC I made, and like Phinks, until' I can add an avatar that I can use for her, it will be the character she is based off on, Neferpitou.

"Nyeow I understand."-Neferpitou


Neferpitou is a humanoid-cat, that is actually a ant. She has short orange pants, and has cat hears. She also where's a long sleeve black shirt with buttons.

Move set

Key Name Info Cooldown Damage
Left click Red Ball User shots a red ball of Nen from their hands. N/A 50
E Slice User jumps, and slices a body off, and stuns the foe for 20 seconds. 20 100
R Heal User summons a Nen beast, that heals the user half hp. 10 N/A
F Nen Beast The user summons a beast that controls the boss that your fighting, that you control with yourself for 20 seconds. 30 N/A


Neferpitou was a royal guard for "Meruem", but, both were later on. Neferpitou's body was found by the leader of the Spiders. He though maybe this creature was powerful. He brought her back to the base. Since he had the ability to revive others because of his ability: he did. She was brought back, not knowing what was happening. So, she just did what ever. Since she said herself: "I guess Ill join, since I have no other purpose if the King is dead."


I'm probably not going add a picture for this character until I can.

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