It's literally newnath, And it's being bought in by newnath because he's perfectly okay with wasting 100 dollars.


He has cheese on his head, 2 swords and 2 sai that he never uses, some generic grey pants and a meme shirt.

His Final Form is just a floating head, 4 black and white balls and some sandals.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Left Click Fuck You. Nathan kicks you. 333 1 second
E So rolling makes me invincible? Nathan rolls, while rolling he can't take damage and can't attack. None 2 seconds
R Eat it. Nathan places some fake cheese, energy pulses come out of the cheese every second and pull people towards the cheese. 333 (cheese)

33 (lust for cheese)

3 seconds
F Kill me Nathan shoots himself in the head. After this move is used a homing projectile tracks down the nearest enemy. 333 (self damage) 3333 (Projectile) 10 seconds
Q B E G O N E T H O T (can't be used by thots) Nathan points somewhere, if he points at a thot they are totally insta-killed. TOTALLY. None (but a fuck-ton of knockback) 3 seconds
T Rip headphone users. Spam earrape. None 0.1 seconds
Z OMG LAG!!! (50/50/50 bonus) Shoot an orb inside an orb inside an orb inside an orb inside an orb inside an orb inside an orb inside an orb inside an orb inside an orb inside an orb inside an orb. 33333 per orb 30 seconds
X Not even my final form. (100/100/100 bonus lel) Turn into... OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! Doubles damage, health and speed. Infinity


  • Reduce self damage from F slightly (-1 per skill point)
  • Increase Left Click and Q's knockback
  • Increase R's pulse radius


Logan Rinquillo: Nathaniel be stealin' Logan's cheese

List for 100/100/100 Nathaniel

  • newnathmcawesome
  • newnathmcawesome
  • newnathmcawesome
  • newnathmcdonalds
  • newnathmcawesome
  • newnathmcawesome
  • newnathmcawesome
  • newnathmcautism
  • newnathmcawesome
  • newnathmcawesome
  • my real life friend: Dustin (who doesn't even play roblox anymore)
  • NatorGator08 (Why the fuck not?)
  • Winners of the 100/100/100 Nathaniel challenge because that's a totally original idea.

The 100/100/100 Nathaniel Challenge

If you can record yourself pissing 6 feet straight in the air without getting wet you get 100/100/100 Nathaniel.


  • Team Cumshot is an inside joke
  • Basically newnath the character
  • Not to be confused with Nator Alligator

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