*Nathan Root is a DB N-Force OC*

Nathan Root

Nathan Root is an neuling user that uses is merchant skills to buff other players to make them strong at the cost that Nathan Root is weak by himself.


Nathan Root has a top hat on with some shady glasses and a long nose.


Nathan Root is a cheerful merchant that greets his customers and his allies with a smile, there to sell them weapons and more. Nathan also really cares about his business, even though he randomly puts discounts for his many items.



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Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive "Work must be done!" Nathan Root goes faster for a couple seconds because he needs to sell his weapons and items faster. 0

Speed increased by 10 for 3 seconds after every 44 seconds.

44 (Time till it activates)
Lmb Panic Attack Nathan Root reaches into his bag of weapons and throws one of the weapons at the enemy. The weapons include, Sulfuras, Thunderfury, Shadowmourne or Frostmourne. When nathan throws a weapon at the enemy, it keeps on moving in the air at a fast speed till it hits something and dealing 30 damage. 40

Sulfuras dealings extra fire damage per second over 4 seconds.

Thunderfury knocks back the enemy.

Shadowmourne chills the enemy making the enemy walk slower for 4 seconds.

Frostmourne freezes the enemy which stuns the enemy for 1 second.



(Similar to Cartoonist DJ ability)

e Gear Up Nathan Root sells a weapon or a piece of gear to a nearby allie, making the allie permanently stronger. 0

Buffs a nearby allies damage and health to 5.

r Trip Nathan Root trips and drops a lot of his weapons in the direction he is standing. 40

Shoots 10 of the weapons that come from the Lmb move in a shotgun style.

Nathan Root takes 30 damage.

f Discount Nathan Root puts a discount on his weapons. 0

Decreases the cooldown of Lmb by taking away the animation.

Decreases the cooldown of e ability to 4 seconds.

Lasts for 10 seconds,

z (50/50/50 upgrade move) The Mythical Soccer Ball Nathan Root takes out a mythical soccer ball and kicks it. When Nathan kicks it, it moves around at god like speed bouncing around onto wall to wall till it disappears. 500

Bounces off walls upto 4 times, then it disappears.

b (20/25/27 upgrade move) Frost Bolt Nathan Root takes out a magical wand and uses frostbolt. The frostbolt usually misses but if it hits, then it permanently freezes the enemy, unable to do anything and the enemy will slowly die. Inf

Permanently freezes enemy at a 1% chance.

99% to miss and do nothing.



Damage (Increases damage by 1 every 2 upgrades)

Face Of Steel (Decreases the damage you take from r ability by 1 every 2 upgrades)

Sales (Decreases the cooldown of f ability by 1 every 2 upgrades)


Nathan Root was an merchant in Studdton who sold any items and weapons. Nathan Root was having a successful business until the economy collapsed and he was kicked out by Keido Corp. Nathan then with no shop and with his items, was sitting in the street, trying to get people to buy his stuff. None would ever try to buy Nathan's items or even donate to him until one day someone came over to him. The person said, "Greetings Nathan Root, I am Mr. Wise." Nathan replied back and said, "Hello Mr. Wise, would you like to buy any of my items or donate to me?" Mr. Wise then pulled out a sack (Bag) and said to take it. Suddenly Nathan passed out and was taken to a new place.

When Nathan Root woke up, he looked around and notice that he looked like a noob and started to panic. Mr. Wise then replied with, "Nathan Root, I know your scared now but I have made life better for you. That sack (Bag) was a magical bag that has given you powers. Would you like to join me?" Nathan Root took a deep breath and said yes. Nathan Root then got his shop back, got back to business and serves N-force.

Lore Trivia

Nathan Root as a merchant who sells bunch of items and weapons, supplies all the N-force low tier noobs with weapons to fight with.


Nathan Root pretty much knows every low tier N-force noobs because he gives them the gear to fight.


  • Nathan Root was going to be a completely different person who was a engineer who likes cheese (I know, that's weird. q.q)
  • The weapons Nathan Root throws with his Lmb move are all World Of Warcraft weapons
  • Nathan Root's b ability is a reference to Avaxus and how he can't aim or hit anything with his frost bolt and the upgrades required for the b ability are based on his level on what it is at the end of the first 3 WoW (World Of Warcraft) videos
  • Nathan Root's z ability is a inside joke I have with a friend